We generally want something sweet during the hot summer months, but the treats available for purchase can sometimes be a little too sweet. They can leave you feeling overloaded. This recipe will help you to cool off with a tasty treat that you can customize. (Tip: You can make this yogurt in bulk and refrigerate/freeze for later use.)

Fresh Fruit Yogurt

Start with a tub of plain yogurt. Some yogurts are pre-sweetened despite being labeled as “plain.” Make sure to read the ingredients carefully before making the purchase!

Next you’ll want to take some fruit, frozen or fresh, and dice it up. Slowly mix the pieces into your yogurt. It may be a good idea to take some fresh strawberries, dice them into bite sized pieces, and freeze them for later. They thaw out in just a few minutes and can help to keep your yogurt chilled. Mango is another great choice, as are fresh blueberries. To sweeten the yogurt, you’ll want to use raw sugar or any other sweetener that you prefer. Taste-test the yogurt after each spoonful of sweetener to make sure that you have the perfect amount. This will create a healthy snack that is sweet, but only as sweet as you like. If you are watching your calorie intake you can ensure that you only have the amount of sugar that you would like to consume.

Strawberry Yougurt


Try using honey in place of fruit and sugar. Yogurt and honey taste great together! Coffee is another great addition. If you want a really strong coffee flavor, mix the yogurt with instant coffee crystals and sugar. You can even add some cocoa powder for a mocha yogurt flavor. A drop or two of vanilla extract will help bring a little more flavor out of any of these ingredients. This will enhance your yogurt if you feel the flavor isn’t strong enough.

Mixing your own yogurt can prove to be cost efficient, convenient, and fun! This also gives you a chance to experiment with multiple flavors. Mixing your own yogurt is also a great activity for kids. They are sure to enjoy the end result!

Peach Yogurt

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