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snowbird destinationsThe snowbirds have taken flight! They have closed up their winter homes, purchased their Coach-Net roadside assistance plans, and packed up their RVs to head for warmer climates. These migratory explorers are burning asphalt as they travel to places that have great weather and grand adventures awaiting them.

For those snowbirds hesitant to spread their wings and travel to sunnier spots, below you will find the 5 best destinations that welcome snowbirds in their RVs. You can go fishing, take leisurely hikes, walk along the beach, and just have fun with the activities available in these top destination spots.


Yuma, Arizona

Yuma has about 60 RV parks and resorts to choose from, so you can pick one that is perfect for your preferences whether you are looking for company in other RV campers or just want to spend some time out on your own. Enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating along the Colorado River as you will love the 80 degree temperatures. You can also go golfing and shopping, or just enjoy the local attractions.yuma-arizona

Key West, Florida

Snowbirds who love sunny beaches can travel to the southern-most city in Florida: Key West. You can take part in fishing, boating, or just combing the beach for some ocean artifacts. Walk along the coastline or simply soak in the sun. While areas in Florida can get a bit pricey, you will find an assortment of activities that will fit into your budget.key-west-fl

South Padre Island, Texas

There are numerous cities in Texas that welcome RV snowbirds. But if you are into enjoying the warm water of the Gulf Coast and bird watching, then South Padre Island is the one place you definitely need to stop by with the RV. It has numerous beaches and calm waters so that you can enjoy fishing, boating or to just simply lounge and relax.south-padre-island-tx

Albuquerque, New Mexico

While some snowbirds hate everything that has to do with winter, others enjoy both the warm and cold temperatures as they seek out a variety of different activities. Albuquerque is the perfect spot for versatile snowbirds who love to enjoy the sunny weather one day and skiing the mountains the next day.albuquerque-nm

Savannah, Georgia

For those snowbirds that love exploring historic places and seeing amazing architecture, you will enjoy visiting Savannah, Georgia. You’ll be able to find the best RV adventure while listening to southern music and eating southern food that makes this city special. Go take in some shopping and sightseeing or take part in outdoor recreations such as camping, fishing, and bird watching.savannah-ga

Go To Your Favorite Destination

While white sandy beaches will call out to some retirees, others will want to look for more rigorous activities. Whichever you desire, you will find the perfect spot for you and your RV at these great snowbird destinations as you wait for warmer climates to appear back home.

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