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Independence Day reminds us that a visit to our nation’s capital is something that every American should experience. There are several ways to see the city, but a walking tour of Washington, DC is one of the best ways to get a true feel of the history.

The Georgetown neighborhood is a great place to start your walking tour of Washington, DC. Dumbarton Oaks, Forrest-Marbury House, and Tudor Place are all museum houses open to visits from the public and have incredible historical relevance. The gardens around Dumbarton Oaks are listed along with Versailles in National Geographic’s Top 10 Gardens of the World. The Tudor House was originally owned by direct descendants of George and Martha Washington and holds a collection of items that spans 300 years.

Georgetown Washington DC

The Forrest-Marbury House is where George Washington met with landowners from Georgetown and Carrollsburg and agreed to the location of the District of Columbia. The City Tavern Club is a must-see if you have an interest in the founding fathers.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams all frequented this 1796 tavern. There are also several historic churches that are well worth a visit as you walk through the neighborhood.

Dumbarton Oaks Fountain

No trip to DC is complete without visiting the monuments. A walking tour of the National Mall lets you appreciate the historical importance of Washington D.C. You can start the tour by walking through the park and noting the impressive cherry blossom trees, which are quite the sight when they are in season.

National Mall

The following monuments should be on your to-see list:

Extend your tour a few more days and visit war memorials and the 19 museums of the Smithsonian.

Our nation’s capitol is a city rich in history so make the most of your time there and enjoy the awe-inspiring sites. Think of it as your patriotic duty to do so.