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Campfire-StoolsWhen you replace your old tires, do not throw away the old ones.  Give them a second chance and turn them into fun stools that you can use as outdoor furniture or around a campfire.

What you will need

  • Bleach
  • Old tire
  • White spray primer
  • Color spray paint
  • Plywood
  • Wheels (optional)
  • Foam for seat
  • Outdoor fabric for seat


  1. Wash the tire thoroughly. Use bleach and let it dry under the sun
  2. Prime it with white spray primer
  3. Coat with desired color spray paint
  4. Measure the diameter of the tire. Transfer the outline onto thick plywood.
  5. Cut two circles. These will be place on top and bottom of your tire.
  6. (Optional) Buy some wheels. Three will do but four wheels will provide better stability
  7. (Optional) Screw the wheels onto one of the circles you made
  8. Place the bottom circle on your tire. Use a strong adhesive to secure the bottom part of the stool
  9. Flip it over and let it dry
  10. Get the other circle you made and put adhesive on its surface
  11. Grab some foam and cut according to the diameter of the circle
  12. Cover the foam with fabric and staple in place.  Make sure you use outdoor fabric
  13. Place the fabric-covered circle on the tire
  14. You now have a fun campfire stool

Option: You can stack 2 tires for a higher stool.

Source: wikihow

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