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RV Space SavingRVs are tiny spaces. This fact can make it difficult to find places to store things. To add to the problem, there is very little drawer space, making it nearly impossible to find suitable places to keep smaller items and clothing.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. Read on to learn how you can maximize the space in your tiny home-on-wheels, making your travel time a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

1: Hanging Jars

jars under cabinetsSafety pins, paper clips, and rubber bands are all things you likely use from time to time. However, it is also likely that you often have trouble finding them when you need them most.

By using a simple screw to attach the lids of baby food jars to the underside of a cabinet, you can create the perfect storage spot for these kinds of items. Simply fill the jar and attach it to the hanging lid for easily accessible, out-of-the-way storage that stays in place during moving day.

2: Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door shoe holders are the ideal solution for storing small items such as hair accessories, small toys, and office supplies. These simple storage tools can be found at almost any box store, and they can be installed quickly and easily without the use of tools. Best of all, they hold everything safely inside even while the trailer or motorhome is moving down the highway.

3: Under-Table Drawers

under table drawerEqually as useful—but perhaps a bit more difficult to install—are the small under-table drawers found at many RV supply stores. These little drawers are typically made of plastic, are run on tracks, and are made to hold items such as remote controls, pens, and pads of paper. Because they are under the table, they are easy to reach but don’t get in the way of other activities.

4: Hanging Closet Storage

Most RV wardrobes are not very well designed. These long, skinny cabinets are usually deep but not nearly wide enough, and can only hold enough clothing for a few days.

Many long-term travelers find it handy to use a hanging storage solution. These are typically referred to as “hanging sweater shelves”, and because they are tall and skinny, they fit quite nicely into those ridiculously shaped wardrobe cabinets so often found in RVs.

5: Cabinet Door Boxes

plastic folder holdersUse Scotch Command Strips to attach plastic file holders to the insides of cabinet doors. These nifty little storage boxes can be used to hold papers, boxes of foil and baggies, or anything else that fits. Just be sure to keep it lightweight in case the Command Strips fail during a particularly bumpy ride.

6: Pillow Storage

Another idea for those looking for ways to store clothing is the pillow storage trick. Simply buy some pillow shams that match your decor and fill them with out-of-season clothing. This is an impossibly easy storage solution that gets those extra clothes out of the way while also adding to the look of the place and giving you a place to rest your head as you dive into a good book.

These six simple tricks are sure to help you feel more comfortable and organized in your teeny tiny living space. This is a feeling that definitely makes the little bit of extra effort worth your while.

Do you have a tip to add? Please share it in the comments below!

About the Author:

Chelsea has the amazing opportunity to take part in full-time RV living and traveling with her tiny tribe. She homeschools her five-year-old son as they travel, and takes full advantage of their unique situation by using the entire world as her son’s classroom. A group of total Disney fanatics, Chelsea and her family often find themselves in the Orlando area in order to visit the Disney parks, but they have also visited over 25 of the 50 states with plans to see many more along the way. No matter where her travels take her, Chelsea enjoys riding bikes, gazing at beautiful sunsets, finding new coffee shops, Irish dancing, and sitting around a campfire with her family.

You can join her adventures through her blog, Wonder Wherever We Wander.

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