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RV Bucket ListIf you think you have to travel overseas to have the adventure of a lifetime, think again! These three expeditions will have you diving, eating and gazing right in your own RV’s backyard. With any luck, you’ll be crossing these adventures off your bucket list in no time.

Go Cliff Jumping

If you’re looking for a thrill (and don’t mind heights), why not try your hand at cliff diving in one of the United States’ best cliff jumping spots? While some jumps are so unsafe it’s illegal to step off the edge, there are several majestic areas that you can explore with confidence. Crater Lake, in Oregon, offers crystal blue waters against a Pacific Mountain backdrop, while Red Rocks Park in Burlington, VT, is practically a right of passage for locals. Be sure to heed any and all safety warnings before you jump, of course, and get ready for some breathtaking (or breath-holding) excitement!cliff jumping

Take a Canadian Foodie Road Trip

Canada’s top three traditional foods — poutine, nanaimo bars and butter tarts — are must-eat treats in the Great White North. To find the best of the best, fill up the tank for a cross-country road trip. Start on the eastern side at Willy’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a local poutine topped with sweet and garlicky donair meat. Next, stop into Maple Leaf Bakery on your way through Saskatchewan for some sweet and flaky butter tarts. Finish in Nanaimo, British Columbia, the namesake of the decadent bars, for a taste of the classic dessert at Perkins Coffee Company, which offers generous and delicious portions.poutine

See the Northern Lights

A standard on anyone’s bucket list, seeing the Northern Lights is a popular life goal. Plan a camping trip to Alaska to check out this impressive natural wonder, and you’ll be in for quite a show. From Denali National Park in central Alaska to the expansive Chena River Lakes (over 2,000 acres to explore), there are many great spots to park and gaze at the display of lights while enjoying your camping vacation.northern lights

There is plenty of excitement to be had in North America’s uppermost countries, for those who like a thrill and those who enjoy a meal alike. Wherever you decide to park your RV, you can be sure to find a great adventure nearby!


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