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Summer vacation spots on U.S. West CoastWhen many people think of summer vacations on the West Coast of the United States, they think of packed beaches and sprawling metropolises. Not your cup of tea? No problem. There are several sources of summer fun to be found on the West Coast — especially for those vacationing in their RVs.

Nestled along the coast or just a few miles inland, there are some incredible and accessible places that don’t see masses of tourists every summer. And these vacation spots include something that every vacationer dreams of: stunning natural wonders, delicious food and drink, and unique city centers.

Space, freedom, wonder — everything a holiday-maker might want out of an RV trip. So that you can make plans to hit the road as soon as possible, we’ve found four U.S. West Coast locations that are not to be overlooked this summer.

Hood River, Oregon

Whether you seek an adrenaline rush, an exceptional history lesson, or an eclectic food and drink scene, Hood River has something for you. We recommend staying where a view of majestic Mt. Hood greets you each morning.

Hood River, Oregon

Frog Lake with view of Mt. Hood

San Luis Obispo, California

If the gorgeous natural scenery doesn’t do it for you in San Luis Obispo, we have a feeling the architecture will. This charming city also has a world-renowned wine scene, and is host to one of the largest farmers markets in the United States. If time permits, we recommend heading to the Arroyo Grande Valley for a nice and calm horseback ride.

San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Leavenworth, Washington

Surrounded by forests, beautiful mountain views and tasty Bavarian food, Leavenworth is a gem in the center of Washington State. If you’re not into the unique charm of the city, rest assured, there’s plenty of outdoor recreation nearby.

Leavenworth, Washington

Icicle River near Leavenworth, WA

Port Townsend, Washington

Lighthouses. Sailboat building. Whale watching. If an authentic maritime experience is what you seek, Port Townsend is the answer. Top of the line museums operate here and deliver the area’s rich history to visitors. Also, scenic Olympic National Park is just a short drive away.

Port Townsend, CA

Port Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend, CA

Whether you have the opportunity to have some summer fun in all four of these unique places, or you only have 24 hours to spend in one of them, we’re confident you’ll find the great vacation you’re looking.

Enjoy the summer, and safe travels!

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