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Summer RVingSummer is here, and I can almost smell the campfires being lit under the starlit sky. For many RVers, this will mean lots and lots of travel. After all, summer is when the kids are out of school, the weather is free of ice and snow, and nearly all campgrounds are opened.

However, not everyone can travel often, and that means carefully picking and choosing where you go. For many, one major deciding factor is weather. Summers down south can get extremely heavy and humid. Meanwhile, desert summers are unbearably dry and hot. Because RVs aren’t the most insulated dwellings, and because most campers prefer to spend tons of time outdoors, this summer heat can be a real annoyance.

For this reason, its best to choose locations with more mild temperatures that still offer plenty of sunshine. Luckily, there are a few places here in the US that offer just those things and more!

So where are these magical locations with perfect, RV-friendly summer weather and a myriad of other amazing benefits? Try the states below. We are confident you’ll be happy with your experience.


While this beautiful state is rainy for most of the year, Washington is absolutely beautiful during the summer months. This is especially true during July and August when the sun is shining, everything is a brilliant green, and the place couldn’t be more perfect for hiking.

While in Washington, be sure to visit Seattle to take in the sights and sounds and try some amazing coffee shops. You’ll also want to make time for the Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks. An “America the Beautiful” reciprocal pass is helpful for this!

Ranier National Park

Ranier National Park


Even if all you see in Maine is Acadia National Park, it’ll be worth your time. However, you should definitely make time to do more than that!

I highly recommend taking a whale watching boat tour. We also really enjoyed the beaches in Maine and found that they had tons of crabs, snails, and other ocean life for us to investigate. Lastly, you may want to seek out at least one lighthouse during your visit.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Lighthouse


For the more adventurous among us, there is always Alaska. This is a huge state with tons of amazing sights to see, but can also be a bit challenging sometimes since campgrounds are hard to come by and cell signal is nonexistent in some places. Still, many say this state is worth a bit more hassle for the amazing views alone.

If you do make the trek up there, a visit to Kenai Fjords National Park should definitely make your list of things to do, as should a visit to Glacier National Park. Anchorage Museum is super cool, and there are more wildlife and nature tours than I can even begin to list.

Alaskan Highway

Alaskan Highway

All three of these states offer beautiful weather and plenty of things to see and do. Wherever you decide to go, be sure to have a blast and bring back plenty of memories when you decide to head home.

About the Author:

Chelsea has the amazing opportunity to take part in full-time RV living and traveling with her tiny tribe. She homeschools her five-year-old son as they travel, and takes full advantage of their unique situation by using the entire world as her son’s classroom. A group of total Disney fanatics, Chelsea and her family often find themselves in the Orlando area in order to visit the Disney parks, but they have also visited over 25 of the 50 states with plans to see many more along the way. No matter where her travels take her, Chelsea enjoys riding bikes, gazing at beautiful sunsets, finding new coffee shops, Irish dancing, and sitting around a campfire with her family.

You can join her adventures through her blog, Wonder Wherever We Wander.

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