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4 Tips For Your Last Trip

Camping season is almost over, and most RVers are doing what they can to squeeze out another trip or two before packing their rigs away for winter. If you’re one of the many campers doing this, you may be looking for ideas to make your last trip of the year extra special. One of the best ways to go about this is by doing something new and interesting to give your weekend away a bit of extra pizzazz.

That said, traditional camping activities are fun too. Since you won’t be able to do those “normal” camping things for quite some time after this last weekend out, skipping them may not be an option.

How do you squeeze in both the old and the new? You combine them, of course!

Putting new twists on the same camping activities you’ve been doing all summer will make them special enough to stand out from the rest while remaining “traditional” enough to suit the people who prefer to keep it simple.

Wondering how to go about this? Try these four fun twists on for size.


#1: Colorful Campfires

No camping trip is complete without a fire, but there are definitely ways to make a traditional campfire more exciting. One of our favorite ways of going about that is by making the fire colorful. This can be done with the use of these packets.

Other options are to use coffee creamer to make the fire sparkle, or borax to make the flames green.


#2: Mixed-Up S’mores

Of course, your campfire will also need to include s’mores. However, there’s no reason you have to keep your camping treats 100%traditional. Instead, mix it up with a variety of ingredient options.

Some people like using cookies in place of graham crackers; others think using a peanut butter cup instead of a regular chocolate bar makes all the difference. Another option is to seek out some flavored marshmallows such as these colorful puffs of goodness.



#3: Campfire Band

What does your family usually do while sitting around the campfire? Many families and groups of friends choose to pass the time singing songs, but that doesn’t sound nearly exciting enough for a final farewell to camping for the year. Therefore, a campfire band is definitely in order.

Gather some pots and pans, order a kazoo or two, toss in a tambourine or triangle, and have a blast playing and singing campfire songs around the fire. Just be sure to end your musical fun fairly early, as it might disturb the neighbors.

Campfire Band


#4: Hiking Games

During the day, hiking is a must-do activity. However, many people visit the same campgrounds multiple times a year, and this can lead to boredom with the same old trails. If this is a problem for your family, you might want to try some hiking games.

There are several hiking game ideas out there, but some of our favorites include “hiking hide-and-seek” and “spot it”.

To play hide-and-seek, send one hiker ahead on the trail to hide no more than 15 feet off the path. When the other hikers catch up, they must try to find the hider. Whoever finds them becomes “it” and the game starts again.

“Spot it” is played using a digital camera or phone with a camera. One player goes ahead on the trail and snaps a super-close-up of one object. The photo should be so close up that only texture and color are shown, making it difficult to tell what the object is. All other players then observe the photo closely. When the spot of the pictured object is reached, the photo taker stops the group, gives them a 10’x10’ area to search, and everyone looks for the pictured item until it is found.

Of course, these are just a few of the many amazing ways you can make your last camping trip of 2018 stand out from the rest. Do you have an awesome idea for how to put a twist on a traditional camping activity? We’d love to hear it!



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