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Harvest Hosts

The sky is rich fading over the horizon in hues of ombre orange and peach, pierced with glistening beams of gold. The bustle of the day has settled leaving a hushed silence softened by the gentle rustling of the tall grass and the mellow singing of the swaying wind chimes. The smooth wine slowly swirls around the curved glass and you breathe in the warm aroma just steps away from the grapevines that produced it. RVing is about pursuing your passion of adventure and mindfully embracing the unique experiences this world has to offer. Sometimes you want to take in a familiar tourist spot set up at a comfortable campground overflowing with countless other travelers like yourself. But other times, you really want to dig deep into the soil and bathe in something more refreshing. You want to explore remote areas green with life and breathe in the warm, welcoming sensation of small-town hospitality. Harvest Hosts is your connection to a uniquely enriching camping experience.

Harvest Hosts provides unique camping experiences with hundreds of varied locations all across North America. I’m sure you spend hundreds of dollars every year on campgrounds that probably look and feel quite similar. While they may be comfortable and familiar, there’s rarely anything truly distinctive about them. Harvest Hosts wants to help you embrace the adventure of road-tripping and uncover beautiful places that are anything except ordinary. Instead of a cliché campground, you can set up at a vineyard, brewery, museum, ranch, or farm. Sometimes they have animals exotic to city dwellers, and other times they simply have fields of fresh growing crops providing a stark contrast to the miles of concrete surrounding many RV campgrounds. And while the majority of Harvest Hosts campsites are strictly for boon-docking, more and more are starting to offer access to electricity and water. But even when you’re boon-docking, you truly are their guest and your hosts want to ensure you enjoy your sojourn off the beaten path.

Airstream pulling into Bar Z


Once you are a member of Harvest Hosts, there are no additional fees for staying at any of their varied locations. Harvest Hosts really only asks one thing from their members: please give back and support your hosts. The owners of the farms, ranches, vineyards, and breweries are all small businesses that pour their hearts and souls into the curated goods they offer. There is no minimum purchase requirement. It can be something as small as a bar of handmade soap, or a bottle of locally aged wine. And their current members couldn’t be more pleased with their experiences. Robin B. was thrilled about their stay on the rim of the historic Palo Duro Canyon, the wine made from Texas grapes, the WiFi access, and the water/electric hook-ups free with purchase.

“We enjoyed our first Harvest Hosts stay at Bar Z Winery. Monty and staff are awesome, and the wines are excellent. Our dogs were welcomed too. The scenery is beautiful, and Palo Duro Canyon is a short drive away. We met an awesome fellow Harvest Hosts family while there. And there are electric and water hook-ups for two RVs. A great first experience!”

Parked at Campsite

Traveling the country is about seeing something you’ve never seen before and collecting exciting new experiences. Harvest Hosts understands that even among those of us who travel regularly, few know what it’s like to stay on a working farm waking up to the nostalgic sounds of rural life, and we rarely get to gaze at the stars unencumbered by the lights of the surrounding city. The hosts cultivate homegrown experiences and Harvest Hosts helps to cultivate and enrich your RV travels. Harvest Hosts is your connection to farms, ranches, vineyards, breweries, and other numerous breathtaking venues. That is why Coach-Net is proud to partner with them in our continued pursuit to be your connection to Carefree RVing.

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Ray S. ~ “It was a very good experience! They were very pleasant on the phone and we received the tech to repair the vehicle very quickly”