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RV Solar Power

Renewable energy fever is engulfing the United States, and this is extending to people who like to live their life on the road, too. Batteries are coming down in price, as is equipment, while also improving in strength, with The Verge reporting that a super-powered battery charger that provides 16 amps – household current levels. For RV and tech enthusiasts, turning to solar power should become a question of when, rather than if. The benefits are not hypothetical, but are available to be gained today.

The range question

For RV owners, it’s understandable why solar power can be treated with a little trepidation. Endurance is a key part of the RV experience, and range anxiety – the fear that the vehicle will give up the ghost far short of a safe stop – features prominently among all US vehicle owners, according to the Washington Post. However, advancements in solar technology mean that this should no longer be a worry. Most of note are the RV charging bays that are currently being positioned throughout the country, and particularly in hot counties like California. These will allow you to charge electric batteries on the fly.

Effectiveness of solar

Solar Powered RVRV owners value their independence, and solar panels can help to achieve. However, it hasn’t always been this way, as noted by green energy advocates Energy Sage. Previously, solar panels were only useful for those engaging in boondocking. However, as solar panels have now reduced in price and weight considerably, it means that your appliances can be charged effectively and efficiently by simply getting out on the road. It’s financially feasible to get a solar panel RV setup going and keep charge during the day at a background level; this will be financially sound regardless of whether you look for off the beaten track or not.

The reform of batteries

Key in the changes making solar effective for RVs is the innovation and expansion of solar energy batteries. Japanese innovators have now produced new consumer-level batteries that will promise to reform the system entirely and make transporting electric energy far easier. Furthermore, big business, including Samsung, have outlined how the next generation of solar battery will be able to store and safeguard greater levels of juice than any other system before. For RV drivers, this has two major benefits. Firstly, moving into colder areas where there are fewer opportunities for solar-based energy will be less impactful. Secondly, you will have a greater range and quite simply be more durable on the road, and all for less cost.

When taking all of the factors into account, setting up a solar rig for your RV is becoming a no brainer. The energy is free, there are no longer constraints on your range or the power of charging available, and you’ll be doing a favor to the natural beauty that RV owners so often are able to take in. For the next improvement to your on-the-road rig, consider getting into renewable energy.

Author: Ali Walker 

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