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Simple Ways to Keep the Air in Your RV Clean

With more than 141 million Americans breathing unhealthy air every single day, it’s clear that pollution has become a nationwide issue. With that said, it’s more important than ever that we keep the air in our RV’s as clean and pure as possible in order to protect against illness. No matter where you’re heading, keeping the air clean when on the road doesn’t have to be difficult – especially with these simple methods.

Avoiding mold

Along with dust and the dreaded pet dander, mold spores and growth can also prevent the air in your RV from being the cleanest. One of the best things you can do is to to avoid mold altogether, as it can easily trigger allergies and other respiratory issues – not to mention make your RV smell unpleasant. For that reason, proper ventilation is a must in order to prevent the creation of a damp environment that mold thrives in. In an RV, this means opening windows, using an air purifier, and even running the air conditioner, which can work to remove water-soluble air contaminants.

Natural remedies

RV PlantsWhile air purifiers can do the job, other natural remedies may work just as well. For example, bringing houseplants into the space can be an excellent all-natural way of boosting the air quality in your RV. In fact, using indoor plants offers benefits that you can’t get with other store-bought systems. For example, not only can plants absorb pollutants, but they may also be able to restore the air quality as well. Going with a natural remedy for controlling the air quality in your RV can bring other benefits too, as they can be a more cost-effective alternative to other indoor air quality systems on the market since only simple upkeep is needed – and they make a great ornamental piece.

Keeping pollution out

It’s important to realize that keeping pollutants out of your RV can play a key role in keeping the air clean. Smoking, for instance, can pose a major threat to the air quality in your RV. In fact, cigarette smoke produces a shocking 10 times more air pollution than that of diesel exhaust. That said, if you smoke, you’re better off lighting up elsewhere – especially when cigarette smoke has the potential to cling to furniture, fabrics, and other fixtures in your RV. However, cigarette smoke isn’t the only preventable pollutant to the air quality in an RV, as cleaning products may also be harmful.

Hazardous Cleaning Material

Harsh cleaning products may do their job well, though can leave behind a strong odor and varying consequences in regards to air quality. Chemical exposure from such products – even aerosol air fresheners – can cause a wide variety of health issues like eye and respiratory irritation, especially when used in a small space like an RV. To avoid these effects, using all-natural cleaning products while keeping your RV properly ventilated can provide a practical solution.

With pollution being a major factor in health and wellness, keeping the air clean in your RV is an absolute must, especially if you spend a lot of time in it. For that reason, taking the proper precautions, such as avoiding mold and the use of harsh cleaning products, you can ensure that the air quality in your RV is as clean and pure as possible.

About the author: Ali Walker

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