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Ultimate Winter Destinations For RVersThe freedom and mobility that comes with RV travel expand the possibilities for making the most of the cooler season. The lure of warm weather and the beach represents only one reason to hit the road. Great winter destinations run the gamut from escaping winter to embracing it — or both. Seasonal attractions beckon from coast to coast. So do the quieter, and gorgeous splendors of the national parks and forests in the offseason.

Here are a few suggestions to make this winter the best ever.

1. Go for the lights

Go For The Lights America’s cities pull out all the stops to ring in the holiday season — and you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy them. A 2013-2018 survey of Google Trends unveiled a slew of midsized cities with nearby RV parks top the list for Christmas spectaculars. There’s probably no better time to visit Nashville, Salt Lake City, or Birmingham, Ala., than when they’re all aglow with holiday cheer. For a more rustic pleasure, make your way to Northern New Mexico, where Christmas Eve festivities in Taos and Santa Fe. You’ll enjoy massive bonfires and luminarias. Legend has it the displays can be seen from space!

2. Walk on the wild side

Walk On The Wild Side Annual bird migrations mean that national parks and wildlife refuges in the southern half of the continent are full of gorgeous species waiting to impress you. In winter, the Everglades National Park in Florida offers a spectacular array of birds that will impress you. Even better? You can see these feathered friends without having to endure summer’s heat and humidity. Many of the birds are there for the same reason you are — to escape the cold and enjoy the weather. You can find great winter birding sites with convenient access to RV parks from Rhode Island to Oregon.

Mountain Range If four-legged critters are more to your taste, try Southern Colorado’s, Gunnison National Park. The leafless trees and snow-covered ground along the Warner Point Nature Trail make it easier to spot elk or bighorn sheep. Want a nature experience of a lifetime? Visit off-season Yellowstone. This breath-taking winter wonderland features snow-covered bison and ice-cloaked ghost trees created by the frozen steam of the park’s many geysers. Mammoth Park is the only facility within the park open for RVs in the winter, but there are several others outside the park boundaries.

3.  Lush life on wheels

Let’s face it, one overwhelming reason to hit the road in winter is to enjoy the warm breezes and caressing sun. The options range from free RV camping available in the Bureau of Land Management property in the Southwest to full-scale pampering in places such as the Medina Highpoint Resort in the Texas Hill Country. Hook-up patios make it easy to enjoy the beautiful views of the San Joaquin Valley’s Flag City RV Resort, with it’s swimming pool and heated spa.

Wherever you decide to go, RV travel from or in winter climates requires provisions such as tire chains, extra blankets, and warm clothing. Successful and safe winter camping also means bringing along a weather band radio, drinking water in heated storage, extra-propane, a gas-powered generator, and a blow dryer to defrost pipes and tanks. Don’t forget to winterize your vehicle by checking or adding insulation, weather stripping, and adding RV antifreeze.

Now that you’re prepared, select your next winter location and hit the road!

Author: Amira Hamdan

Amira Hamdan is a traveler who loves to write, and a writer who loves to travel. Plunk her down in a new place and she will find the best local cuisine by noon and the best campsite by nightfall.

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