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Beavers Bend State Park

Joseph (Right) is one of our highly skilled Learning Program Managers. He will have been with Coach-Net for a total of 3 years this coming May and we couldn’t be happier to have him! Joseph has taken the Airstream camping to Beaver’s Bend State Park twice and has had a blast both times! He loves the outdoors, musical theatre, and honing his skills as a singer! Read on to find out how his RV trips have gone!

Where did you go?

For my camping trips, I took two different groups of friends up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and we went camping in the Beaver’s Bend State Park in Coach-Net’s Airstream Flying Cloud. Beaver’s Bend is such an incredibly beautiful park and the area is full of fun things to do. The first trip was back in May, and we took full advantage of the numerous swimming opportunities. Our favorite spot was the spillway from the dam in the southern part of the park, but even though it was so warm and sunny, the water coming from the bottom of the lake above the dam was FREEZING! The second trip was in October, so swimming was definitely not an option, but we spent a large part of our day hiking and exploring along that same spillway, following the river.


How long was your trip?

Both of our trips were about two days, getting to Broken Bow on Friday evening, and coming back to Denton/DFW on Sunday evening. We got to the park as it was getting dark, would set up for the weekend and head back to town for the last of our food supplies before making dinner, and then spent most of Saturday out swimming or exploring. The Sundays were a nice relaxing day where we slept in, ate some food before packing and cleaning up, and started the trek back home.

Was this your 1st time RVing?

My first time RVing was actually only about a week before the May trip. My mom and stepdad rented a travel trailer that we took out to Inks lake, west of Austin, TX, for about 4-5 days. Inks Lake State Park was a frequent camping spot for my parents when they were growing up, so it was cool for us to return to and have a relaxing few days in the outdoors. The May trip to Broken Bow was the first RVing trip though where I was the one towing the RV and showing my friends the ropes of RVing.

What’s the fondest memory of your trip?

RV DriveFor both of my trips, the majority of my friends had never been camping or used an RV before, so it was really great getting to show them how much fun RVing could be. For the May trip, I think one of my fondest memories was actually the time spent driving out to Broken Bow. We all act in musical theatre and we spent a lot of the drive singing and listening to different shows. During our second trip, we took a lot of videos and pictures, and my friend, Nolan, made a video commemorating the trip that was so funny and is a lot fun to look back on.

Did you find anything challenging about your RV trip?

Coach-Net AirstreamSurprisingly, there weren’t many challenges on our trips, even though I was the only one that knew much about RVs, and it was my first time taking one out myself. I am one of the trainers here at our call center and used to be an agent on our previous RV Core Team, so it was really cool to see the conceptual knowledge I have learned and taught over the years get put to use as we figured out things along the way. I will say that probably the most challenging part was setting up the first night on our May trip. It was already really dark and I hadn’t been to Beaver’s Bend before, so we didn’t know how to reserve and pay for a spot, and getting set up for the first time when it was so dark outside wasn’t easy.

Would you go again?

I know I will absolutely go out again. Working for a company that gives us the resource of using our Airstream anytime, and knowing it’s free to use, is so cool and such a blessing! All of my friends that have gone so far have talked about going out again, and there are even more that I want to go with.

Getting Ready In The Airstream

Where would you like to go next?

There are a few other parks I would like to go to, but they are a bit farther away. I think Beaver’s Bend is definitely going to be my usual spot, and likely where I will be going next time. It really is such a beautiful park!

Why do you love RVing?

I love RVing because it is such a fun escape. Growing up, we used to go tent camping all the time, between Cub and Boy Scouts, and just family trips, so going camping has always been a love of mine. RVing gives you that chance to still experience the outdoors and see such beautiful places, but without the risk of bad weather just ruining your trip and the chance to actually get some sleep in a bed. RVing is also a chance for me to bring my friends out on camping trips that would never want to go tent camping.

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