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Camping With Coach-Net

Ray has been a part of Coach-Net’s marketing team for a little over a year and a half. He enjoys being outdoors, camping, and stops to fish anytime he comes across a new pond. He also enjoys drumming and exploring new places to eat. Ray was able to take the RV out last November and loved every second of it! Read on to find out more about his trip!

  1. Where did you go?

My wife and I had the opportunity to take the company Airstream (Rosie) out to Lake Ray Roberts – Johnson Branch in North Texas. It was beautiful. We were surrounded by forested areas and hiking trails, it was pretty much heaven. We were also lucky enough to reserve a campsite right on the water which was awesome. We both love spending time on or near the water so that was a big plus! 

Ray & CB (Wife)

2. How long was your trip?

We took Rosie out for a short and sweet two-day weekend trip heading out on a Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday. Just enough time to have a nice little get away and be back for work the next week! 

3. Was this your 1st time RVing?

This was not my first time RVing! Both of my grandparents have had RV’s in the past. When I was young, they would take us on trips to the Grand Canyon, California, and various Texas lakes. So I’ve had experience RVing, however, this was my first time being in charge of a full rig myself.

Rolling Up Awning

4. What’s the fondest memory of your trip? 

One evening a storm was rolling in and in any other camping circumstance that might be a bummer. However, seeing as we don’t have a covered outdoor patio at our house, we popped open a few of the Airstreams windows and watched from inside as the storm move in. Storm watching is something my wife and I enjoyed doing as kids, but aren’t able to from our home, so it was a sweet little relaxing hour or two that we were able to spend together. And don’t worry, we were safe, it wasn’t a bad storm, just a little rain, and thunder to keep us entertained! 

5. Did you find anything challenging about your RV trip? 

Airstream Behind Truck The most challenging aspect of the trip was pulling the airstream behind the truck. I have pulled a few 10-12ft flatbed trailers in the past to move into my home or help friends move, but hauling a 23ft Airstream down the highway was a new and daunting task. No, it’s no 40ft RV, but it was without a doubt the biggest trailer I’ve ever hauled. However, it was definitely worth the nerves.

6. Would you go again? 

I would absolutely go again! My wife and I go tent camping 4 to 5 times a year, but having the ability to camp any time of the year, with all the amenities Rosie comes with was a game-changer. We loved camping in the RV and will definitely take her out again!

7. Where would you like to go next? 

One place we would love to visit is Caddo Lake in east Texas. I’ve been to plenty of Texas lakes, but I haven’t been to the only natural lake Texas has! It’s definitely a bucket list trip of mine! 

8. Why do you love RVing? 

Airstream MattRVing allows us to bring the comforts of home to the beauty of nature. In my mind, it’s the best of both worlds, one moment you’re out exploring and breathing in the fresh air and the next you’re nice and cozy on the couch in your RV. I can’t really ask for more! 

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Lance C. ~ “My first experience with Coach-Net service, and wow was I ever pleased!”