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Earning Money With Outdoorsy

If you’ve spent any time traveling, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect vehicle for your adventure.

Outdoorsy, a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects RV renters with RV owners, takes all of the pain away from both sides of the equation. (Think of them like the Airbnb of RVs.)

Got an RV, campervan, or travel trailer that’s not getting much use? Want to share your love for the open road with other like-minded adventurers? Here’s why (and how) you should list your rig on Outdoorsy.

What to consider as an RV owner

We know, we know. That rig is your baby. You spend so much time washing, waxing, and tweaking onboard systems—all in an effort to keep everything in tip-top shape. The thing is though, it hasn’t left your driveway more than once this year.

What if your adventure vehicle could work for you? What if you could make enough passive income from renting your RV that you could quit your day job, pay for your son or daughter’s college education, or fund your retirement?

Counting Money

Here are some stats to consider:

  • 30 percent of RV owners are upside down on their payments. By listing on Outdoorsy, you can turn that into cash flowing into your wallet instead of out of it. If you only rent out your rig once or twice a year, you could offset the cost of owning your RV. Sounds pretty good, right?
  • Nearly 10.5 million RVs in the U.S. will go unused for 11 months of the year. Pair that figure with 45.6 million campers looking for their next adventure, and you can see there is an incredible amount of potential to rent out your RV to just the right folks—people, just like yourself, who want to do some traveling.
  • Earn up to $86K or more annually by listing your RV on Outdoorsy. (Use this handy calculator to see how much you could make). The demand is there, and many renters are interested in doing more than just one trip throughout the year. Weekend camping at the nearby state park, road trips along scenic highways, and week-long—or longer—trips on the open road. They are all here, on Outdoorsy, looking for the perfect adventure travel companion.

Right from the Owner Dashboard, you, the owner, are in total control of your rig’s availability, nightly pricing, and who you want to rent your RV to. You can read reviews, set renter requirements, and chat with potential guests ahead of time. When you’re comfortable, lock it in and start figuring out what you’re going to do with that extra cash.

Let’s recap:

5 reasons to list your RV with Outdoorsy

  1. You can make extra income. If you are like most RV owners, your RV only gets used for one or two weeks out of the year. So why not put it to work for you by renting it out the other 50 weeks of the year?
  2. You’ll build your own business. Renting out your RV through Outdoorsy will assist you in building a side business, creating passive income to subsidize your other dreams—be that taking a destination vacation or putting a down payment on a house.
  3. You’ll introduce new campers to the benefits of RVing. As an owner, you’ll walk renters through your rig, and in doing so, you have the opportunity to pass on your love of camping and road trips to new prospects. Give them a list of your favorite RV resorts or boondocking spots. Tell them where the best fishing holes are, and let them hear about your past family vacations.
  4. You’ll keep your RV systems healthy with more consistent use. Let’s face it, if your RV sits for any extended length of time, its components begin to deteriorate. Tires rot in the sun, batteries drain, electrical systems short out. Keep your motorhome or trailer active and healthy. More consistent use through renting gives it a renewed sense of life.
  5. Outdoorsy will take care of the details. List your RV for rent and let Outdoorsy handle the rest. Outdoorsy does extensive driver checks on all renters, they carry a $1 million insurance coverage policy, have 24/7 renters roadside assistance, and they handle all payment processing.

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