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How Roamly Is Fixing RV Insurance

Coach-Net is ecstatic to work with Roamly, who’s offering a new kind of RV insurance. You know, the kind that’s not a hassle and not so … insurance-y. They’ve spent years perfecting it. Making it simpler. Safer. Personalizing insurance around how you use your RV, including if you make money renting yours out.

Insurance for every kind of RV’er

Many RV insurance companies specialize in specific types of RVs. Some may only insure non-motorized travel trailers and toy haulers. Others just insure Class A, B, and C RVs —  and only for part-time RV’ers. Roamly insures all the above and more.

RV enthusiasts themselves, Roamly understands that RV’ers come from all walks of life and lifestyles. The Weekend Warrior. The full-timer. Retirees seeing the country. Some hit the road in a tricked-out Class A or C motorhome. Others haul jet skis on a toy hauler for a vacation on the lake. That’s why they’ve designed RV coverage to reflect every type of RV and RV owner out there.

How Roamly Insurance Works

How Roamly insurance works

Roamly uses market data and years of RV experience to weave together the most comprehensive plan you need without the expensive features you don’t. Their sleek quoting system asks you a few easy questions about the type of RV you own, how it is used, and how often. It then spits out a menu of options tailored to your RV, your RV lifestyle, and budget. Any extra protection is totally optional.

What Roamly insurance looks like

On a basic level, Roamly offers all of the standard coverages you will find in an RV insurer, including:

  • Liability coverage (required in most states)
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Underinsured/Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Medical Payments

But their personalized packages, designed for specific RV owners, is really where they start to break the mold.

Insurance for the Weekend Warrior

Insurance For The Weekend WarriorIf you only use your RV for weekend getaways at a campsite, there are two optional coverages that can really come to the rescue. For starters, there’s…

  • Contents coverage: Much like a home or renters policy, this protects personal items you bring with you on a trip. If a covered incident damages your possessions, Roamly can help reimburse you to repair or replace them.
  • No-deductible glass coverage: Most protections have a deductible. It’s what you pay out of pocket before coverage actually steps in. If your windshield is cracked, Roamly will cover you with no deductible needed.

Insurance for the Full-Timer

Insurance For The Full-TimerRoamly offers insurance that reflects what an RV really is: a home on wheels. And if you own your RV and live in it at least six months out of the year, you’re essentially assuming all the risks of a homeowner. As a full-timer, Roamly can guard you against risks while your motorhome is parked. Their streamlined package looks like this:

  • Vacation liability: Say a visitor in your RV trips coming down the steps of your RV and sues. Or a stray baseball shatters a neighbor’s window. If you’re held legally responsible, personal liability can help cover medical and legal costs or repairs.
  • Scheduled medical payments: It covers said guest’s medical bills injuries, regardless of whether or not you’re responsible.
  • Loss assessment: If you live in an RV community that has an HOA, this pays for fees for damaged common areas.
  • Personal property coverage: This helps pay for a repair or replace the stuff you keep in your motorhome. It even includes pet coverage in many states!
  • Adjacent structures coverage: Things like decks, porches, or carports would be financially protected.

Full-time RV insurance also includes all the standard coverages, so that you’re covered on and off the road.

Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Insurance For Entrepreneurs

What really separates Roamly from the bunch is, they’re the only digital RV insurance company that lets you rent out your RV on sites like Outdoorsy to make extra cash. You see, traditional RV insurance policies don’t cover you if you rent, but Roamly policies do.

Renting out your RV disqualifies you from most traditional insurance policies. It’s called a commercial exclusion clause. So if you rent while carrying an insurance policy that doesn’t allow it, your claims could be denied. Or worse, your insurer could drop your coverage. Here’s where Roamly really shines. Their policies were crafted to allow you to rent as much as you like. In fact, some owners even turn renting RVs into their full-time job.

Bundled savings

While the folks at Roamly specialize in motorhomes and travel trailers, they also offer home and auto insurance. Given that motorhomes encompass both, it makes logical sense. If you insure all three — or even just two — products with Roamly, you can save money with a Multi-Policy discount. Bundle RV and home insurance, home and auto insurance, or all of the above. What’s more, bundling insurance policies saves you time and hassle, because everything is all in one place.

Roamly the game-changer

Insurance — especially RV insurance — is seen as a necessary evil. It’s the last thing anyone thinks about when purchasing an RV. And rightfully so. The nosebleed rates of commercial policies. The uncertainty of getting the right coverage. Finding out you’re not covered for something when filing a claim. Not to mention, all the legalese and obscene jargon. It can take the fun right out of buying a motorhome.

As RV owners themselves, Roamly has set out to fix it. All of it. That means removing the rigmarole of getting the right policy, lowering rates by doing almost everything online, and educating customers on how their coverage works — in plain English. And, of course, it means lifting restrictions for those who want to make money by renting out their motorhome or trailer. Roamly has made the RV insurance they have always wanted. The RV insurance we all deserve. And we at Coach-Net couldn’t be more excited.

Lauren S. ~ “Roamly is 33% less than our previous RV policy with State Farm, with no risk of being dropped for renting it out. Most people I talked to reported similar savings. Plus, I got a multiple-vehicle discount rate for my car insurance :)”