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Haley is back at it and hitting the road again! If you’re up to date on our blogs or follow us on social, you know that Haley is our fun-loving, funny & spunky office manager here at Coach-Net who LOVES to camp. This time around she makes her way out to Caprock Canyon State Park, where she saw some big Texas sunsets and said “hello” to some Texas-sized buffalo.

My fiancé and I headed out west to Caprock Canyon State Park in Quitaque, TX. One of my closest friends was getting married in Lubbock and it’s only an hour away so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go camping. We’ll almost always choose camping over staying in a hotel.

We got there just when the sun was setting over the canyon. It was absolutely gorgeous! The west Texas sky is so big and there were buffalo roaming around. It was like a dream. That was just the park entrance. We found our site and set up camp. Setting up went pretty smoothly despite the plague sized grasshoppers jumping on the jacks and directly into our faces. Once we were settled, we went for a little drive. We took in the beautiful sky and stars. The town of Quitaque has just a little over 400 people so, everything was very quiet and peaceful.

The next day we woke up around 6 to see the sunrise. We made coffee and breakfast over a campfire and started our day.

We drove through the canyon and went hiking and swimming. I know I’ve mentioned this in the past but, I really love terracotta. I kept stopping on the trail to look at the dirt and rocks. It was all so beautiful. We read about how everything used to be under water. We found gypsum, terracotta, flint, obsidian, and so many seashells.

This was my first time to take the RV on a long trip. I was nervous at first but, it was actually a lot easier out west. The roads are long and there aren’t many people. Even in DFW I was pretty comfortable on the road. I’ve learned to stop worrying about taking wider turns and going a little slower than everyone else. Most people in Texas are pretty cool about trailers though. Especially when you get out of the city.

We’re already talking about going back to Caprock Canyon in October. Our next trip will be to New Orleans for OUR HONEYMOON! We can’t wait to see good live music and eat so much food! We will stop in San Antonio on the way. We aren’t taking the RV but, we will be staying in some historic homes.

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Jay K. ~ “Very happy with our experience with Coach-Net and the follow up on what could have been a real nightmare 400 miles from home at the start of a 2 1/2 Week family vacation. Coach-Net’s team really made the very stressful process of an “on the road repair” seem safe, competent, and easy and saved our family vacation.”