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More than a million Americans live full-time in RVs, according to the RV Industry Association, with spikes in related internet searches proving just how popular the lifestyle is becoming. However, camping out and exploring nature isn’t the only option with an RV, as exploring and even relocating to a big city is equally as rewarding. From the importance of having a solid plan in place to making adjustments (both physically and mentally), here’s what you should know before heading out on the road.

Have A Solid Plan

When planning to explore big cities with your RV, having a solid plan in place before hitting the road is essential in order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, and knowing the best places to park in your chosen city is a great way to start. Because driving your RV around a city isn’t advised, planning to park in an RV park or parking lot that’s close to public transportation can be a great way to explore without worrying about having to navigate through stressful city traffic with a large and bulky vehicle. 

Finances are another key element that will require planning ahead as well when exploring a city with your RV. Dining out and exploring a city’s cuisine is a great way to explore, though doing this is known to be a costly endeavor in most major cities, with past travelers spending an average of $37 on meals for just one day in New York City. Taking advantage of coupon books is always a great idea (and may even be available through your chosen RV park), though creating and sticking to a budget for the trip and cooking from the RV can also be a lifesaver when staying on track. 

It Can Be An Emotional Hurdle

If you find that you particularly enjoy a certain city, relocating for an extended period of time is definitely a possibility, though it’s necessary to keep in mind that the adjustment can be difficult if you’ve already set down roots in a more rural setting. If you’re relocating with the kids, the effect that relocating can have on their mental health can be challenging to navigate, especially if they have a group of friends they enjoy spending time with or if they find delight in being surrounded by nature. Maureen Heely, the author of The Emotionally Healthy Child, notes that “children are young and new to the world, and changing their ‘safe space’ is a big deal.” Thankfully, you can support your family through the move by ensuring they have a way to keep in touch with their friends and favorite activities. Finding a family-friendly campground that has plenty to do, and spending quality time as a family through exploring the city can also help make the adjustment easier mentally, too.

Be Ready To Make Adjustments

Whether you’re simply exploring a major city or you’re relocating for an extended period of time, you’re likely going to have to make some major adjustments if you’re not used to such an environment. For example, cities are known to be loud, with people living in cities are regularly exposed to noise above 85 decibels from sources like traffic, airports, and subways, making it enough to cause hearing loss over time. Depending on where you’re parked, you may even lose sleep over it at the beginning of your stay. Thankfully, investing in standard earplugs or noise-canceling headphones will help in making the adjustment successfully, especially in moments when the noise may become overbearing.

Exploring major cities in an RV might sound impossible, though it can be done successfully with a little planning beforehand. By creating a budget and knowing where to park — as well as how to handle the struggles of relocation, you and your family are sure to enjoy any city to the fullest extent possible.

Author: Alicia Rennoll

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