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Owning an RV is a fantastic investment for outdoorsy people and families. If you own an RV, you can spontaneously hit the road and travel anywhere at any time! Plus, you’re more likely to go camping and enjoy the Great Outdoors if you have an RV sitting outside.

Importance of Maintenance Checks for RV

Before you embark on your next road trip, it is essential to check that your RV is safe to drive. The maintenance of any vehicle is vital to help prevent breakdowns, safety problems, or costly headaches. After all, purchasing an RV is certainly not cheap! 

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How Often Should I Perform RV Maintenance? 

The frequency of maintenance for your RV will depend on how often you use it and what type of maintenance is performed. In general, some maintenance should be performed annually, while other things can be left for a quick check-up before you use your RV.  

Things to Maintain on your RV

1. Tires

The whole point of an RV is to drive it. As such, your RV’s tires are likely to be prone to wear and tear. Just like a car or any other vehicle, tire maintenance is essential for safety. Before you embark on your next RV adventure, perform a visual inspection of the tires. Look for uneven tread wear, low pressure, or visible problems. It is a good idea to invest in a tire pressure gauge in case your tire pressure gets wonky on the road. For more information on tire care, check out our previous blog here.

2. Batteries & Lights

Your RV’s batteries must be maintained in the same way as any other vehicle. Most batteries will last between three to five years but should be checked regularly, as failure and malfunctions may occur. Proper RV battery maintenance also includes appropriate storage during the cold winter months. When not using your RV, take out the battery and store it in a warm place. This will help ensure it won’t freeze or break, which can void the battery warranty.

For safety purposes, all of your RV’s lights must be working correctly, including the high beams, brake lights, fog lamps, and turn signals. This will help make sure you’re safe on the road, as well as for the protection of other drivers you share the road with.

3. Oil and Oil Filters

Oil changes on a regular schedule are essential to ensure your engine runs smoothly. Without oil changes, your engine could be damaged, leading to costly problems or repairs. Your RV’s owner manual should tell you how frequently (in mileage) the manufacturer recommends oil changes and if you should be using synthetic oil.

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4. RV Generator

An RV generator works to provide electricity to appliances and equipment in your RV. When your RV is not used, it is important to periodically run the generator to prevent build-up on the carburetor. Experts recommend having your RV generator professionally serviced once per year. Each month, you should aim to run your generator for at least two hours at 50% load each time.

5. Sewer System

Using biodegradable RV toilet paper will help protect your sewer system in your RV. Clearing the holding tank regularly is also crucial in regular maintenance, preventing unwanted backups. 

6. Roof of your RV

Often, RV owners neglect roof maintenance. Inspecting the roof seams and seals at least twice per year is essential. As you examine your RV’s roof, you may wish to apply a sealant layer on top, preventing and protecting against water damage which can lead to expensive repairs.

RV Roadside Assistance

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Author: Tim Setterfield

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