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Over 50 percent of all travelers go on vacation with their pets, and approximately 78% of pet owners are driving and flying with their pets more than ever before. If you have been an RV owner for many years, your pets may be one of the reasons why. There is nothing that suits pets more than a large, spacious vehicle you can use to camp and get close to nature with your four-pawed friends. If you are looking at fitting your vehicle with pet-friendly furniture, keep the following tips in mind.

A Built-in Pet Crate

Having a crate fitted into your RV (or buying one that already has an in-built kennel) is an excellent way to ensure that your pet is safe, regardless of any bumps or turns that may come your way. Of course, if your RV lacks one, you can always purchase a crate and fit it tightly between the legs of a table. If there is a hollow bench in your RV, you can turn it into a crate by adding a safety door or gate, ensuring that plenty of light makes its way through the security gate or enclosure. The flooring of the crate should have a bed or other plush material that will enable your pet to rest soundly while you are driving.

Opting for Sturdy Materials

There is a myriad of RV furniture companies that offer different furniture pieces, styles, shapes, and fabrics if you are interested in updating or totally replacing your current furniture set. Choose sofas and chairs that resist pet scratches well. Microfiber is one of your best bets since it is highly stain-resistant and colorfast. It is also ultra-durable, so it stands the test of time even if you have pets that love jumping on and off it. Other good choices are cotton (which is soft and comfortable, but a little less durable than microfiber), and nylon. Avoid linen (which attracts hair and fur) and silk (which is too fragile). Hard leather may also work, but only if your pet isn’t a keen scratcher. If you have a cat, fit your RV with a scratching post your kittie can use when he feels stressed or excited.

Claw-Proof Furniture Covers and Washable Rugs

 If you are having set pieces made to measure, ask your upholsterers to make claw-proof covers for furniture your pet is likely to sit or rest on. Ensure they are removable, so you can simply pop them in the washing machine if they are stained. Invest in a good steam vacuum that is specifically designed to remove pet hair. Finally, go for washable rugs instead of carpets. Hard floors are easier to clean if your pet has an “accident” indoors, and light rugs you can wash like the rest of your laundry are far more ideal than those that need professional cleaning.

If you are a pet owner who loves traveling with your furry BFFs, you are definitely in the majority. Keep your RV pet-safe by installing a sturdy crate and keeping your dog secured to the crate with a safety belt. Invest in fabrics that are sturdy and stain-resistant and have furniture coverings made, so you can remove them in a flash and machine wash them before stains have time to settle.

Author: Ali R.

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