Couple Dog Vacation

While dusting off the RV and filling it up with the necessary supplies, something snuggles up against one pant leg. Sad brown eyes of the family dog beg to be brought along for this family adventure instead of being left behind with a friend or in a kennel.

Who can possibly refuse such as look?

Bringing along the family pet is an entirely different experience than it is when just having human companions along. Dogs require special accommodations to sleep in, healthy food, and plenty of camping fun. Below you will find a list of things you should bring along and have in the RV to ensure your pet has as much of a great time as you will have on the trip.

Camping With Pets Tip #1: Have Travel Tags

Just like any pet has tags in case they escape from your home or yard, your pet should have travel tags in case you get separated from them. This can happen when you make a pit stop at a gas station, eating lunch at a roadside diner, etc. Travel tags should have all the required information a person needs to reunite a pet with their owner.

Camping With Pets Tip #2: Pet First-Aid Kit

Accidents can happen to your pet when out camping. Ensure you pack all the essentials that include bandages, antiseptic cream, tweezers for splinters and ticks, eye drops, flea and tick repellent, tape, and other items. Speak with your vet about the things you should take along (including pet medication) so that your dog has everything in case of an emergency.

Camping With Pets Tip #3: Pack A Pet Travel Bed And Tent

Camping with an RV allows you to enjoy travel while bringing along your sleeping quarters. But if you plan to spend some of your time sleeping out under the stars, don’t keep your pet locked up inside the RV all alone. Have a travel bed packed so that they can sleep outside with you (in your tent or inside a kennel) without dealing with bugs crawling all over them.

Camping With Pets Tip #4: Restrain Your Dog With A Pet Harness

If you are RVing with a travel trailer or fifth-wheel, you want to make sure your pet is properly restrained in your towing vehicle. A pet harness or car seat (for small pets) will protect them in case you are in an accident. The last thing you want is your pet to become injured in a vehicle collision.

You And Your Pet Will Enjoy The Camping Trip

When you pack the right supplies and prepare for any emergencies, you can ensure that you and your pet will have a great time. Enjoy the pet-friendly campground and all the activities that you can share with your pet. If something comes up along the way contact Coach-Net and we would be more than happy to assist you!