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RV camping at your favorite park or solitary lake offers a great time to be out in nature as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest and mountains.

If you are such a person, then you know how important it is to be prepared for any accidents. Scrapes, bug bites, upset stomachs, and more serious emergencies such as sprains or broken bones can happen during certain camping activities. Ensure you have the right first-aid supplies handy when you are far away from civilization where you can’t get the proper medical treatment immediately. Keep in mind the following first-aid tips when you go out on that first camping trip.

First-Aid Tip #1: Take a First-Aid or CPR Class

CPR Training

Everyone, whether they are going camping or not, should know the basics of administering first-aid or CPR in case a person becomes injured. There are many community organizations that offer free classes.

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First-Aid Tip #2: Pack A First-Aid Kit

It goes without saying that having everything you need for your trip lets you be prepared for anything unexpected. So make sure to fully stock your first-aid kit with all the essentials. Include bandages, gauze, tapes, antiseptic creams, tweezers, antacid medication, sunburn relief spray, aspirin, antihistamine, diarrhea medication, scissors, bug spray, and a pocketknife.

You may also want to consider splints if you or other RV campers like activities such as hiking, biking, or mountain climbing. This allows you to stabilize limbs in case of sprains.

First-Aid Tip #3: Know The Environment

Many camping accidents happen because people don’t know the terrain, wildlife, or plant life in the surrounding area. When choosing a campsite, always know what type of environment you will be entering. Is it a site that has tons of wildlife where you have to be wary of tick bites? Is it an area that has lots of poisonous berries or plants such as poison ivy or sumac? Is the terrain rugged?

By knowing these answers, you can prepare yourself for specific dangers in that region. You can pack the things you need and be ready to call for assistance if problems arise.

Have A Fun And Safe Trip

First-aid knowledge and supplies will allow you to treat most types of emergencies when you are out camping. By also practicing safe camping steps, you will be able to minimize problems and enjoy yourself on your camping adventure.