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While we all climb aboard our Rvs for a great road adventure, more and more of us are concerned about healthy foods. What beverages do we stock? What are the healthiest meals to prepare? How do we make sure we are all eating at least somewhat healthy as we travel across the roadways of America?

We concern ourselves with these thoughts as we stock our RV with chips, dip, pretzels, popcorn and sodas.

Certainly, our main meals on the road are important. These are the times we take time to cook-out some barbecued chicken or cook up a big pot of pasta and garlic bread. There are things we can do to make these dinners healthier. But we may be missing a greater problem. Our snacks.

What about those snacks? You know the inevitable munchies that nag at you while you are driving or are between meals. Are there some healthy alternatives to chips, chocolate and pretzels? What is there to munch on besides nachos or cheese puffs?

Here are a few healthier suggestions for the road. Give them a chance before you dismiss them as a snack that your crew won’t accept.


Bananas are a great source of potassium and can almost instantly restore energy to tired travelers. Grapes are easy to travel with and easy to eat on the road. Pack up some blueberries and strawberries and cut up some apple and peach splices for refreshing snacks that will give you an energy boost without compromising your family’s health.


Vegetables can be bite-sized, healthy and fun. Chop up some baby carrots, small slices of green pepper, celery, and cucumber and add some creative dips. The dips may be ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, peanut butter, hot sauces or even mustard sauces. Give your family the chance to try something different and ask them their opinion. You may find some new “loves” for snacks. Don’t forget the veggies that may be a bit more “exotic” like eggplant or squash. Just don’t tell them ahead of time!

Bite Sized Sandwiches

No matter what type of sandwich you create, it can be much more enjoyable when cut in bite-sized pieces. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in quarters, grilled cheese sandwiches cut in quarters and even tuna fish salad sandwiches cut in quarters can create fun snacks that provide energy and a great tasting snack. Give it a shot! Watch the difference cutting sandwiches into bite-sized pieces can make!

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