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While all of this season’s little ghosts and goblins are out filling their bags with yummy treats, we wanted to make sure you, our loyal RVers, have a bag of tricks ready at all times. We always talk about stocking your RV with the basics, but now, let’s think a little outside of the box. Here’s a list to get you started thinking about handy items you wouldn’t dare be without:

1. Safety First
You already know to keep things like tweezers, bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wash, etc. But what many people don’t think about is a First Aid Manual. You can either view one online from the Mayo Clinic or purchase one from the Red Cross Store. Either way, you need it. What good is a first aid kit if you don’t know how to properly use the items in it? Do you know when to use heat vs. ice for an injury or pressure vs. non pressure bandaging? If you travel with pets, Pet First Aid manuals are even available.

2. Gorilla Tape
Tape can solve many problems while you’re on the go — and you can do anything with this stuff. For instance, RVers have used it to temporarily repair a sewer hose, keep a driver’s side window from continually falling, and even affix the coffee maker to the counter so that it doesn’t move during travel. It’s better and stronger than packing tape. We seriously think it could hold a gorilla to the wall. This is something everyone should have in their toolbox – you do have a toolbox in your RV, right?

3. Storage Bags
You’ll need these when you least expect it — gallon sized zip bags are helpful to store snacks and other food, while snack bags help with little items you don’t want to lose or shift around during travel. Grocery bags are great to use as trash bags in your RV.

4. Space Savers
If there’s one thing most people want in their RV, it’s a little more elbow room here and there. Next time you’re browsing the aisles of your favorite variety store, check out some of these great space savers:

  • Over the door hook and hanger holder
  • Over the door shoe organizers or bins to store footwear under the bed
  • Shelf expander
  • Canned goods holder
  • Ultra-thin, velvet hangers (you can triple the room on your closet rod with these!)

Travel Tips
If at all possible, leave items in your RV year round. If you need to remove items and use them in your home, we suggest you make a list of what you take out of your RV at the end of your travel season — that way when you get ready to venture out next time, packing will be a piece of cake.

Keep an evolving list in your RV … things to pack for each trip, things you don’t use anymore, things you wish you had, etc. These are the type of things you’ll think of while you’re on trips — just jot them down as they come to mind and you’ll have them for next time.

We know this is just a snippet of supplies to make your life a little easier. We’d love to hear from you. Share your list of must-have items here.