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Whether you live in your RV year round, travel frequently, or enjoy an occasional weekend getaway, there are always things that accumulate in your space that you probably don’t need or use. This clutter takes up space that can be used for those things you really do need or want to bring along on the next road trip. The clutter also contributes to stress and may disrupt peace of mind, as an unorganized environment has a subtle, but noticeable, effect on your comfort levels.

So, no excuses. Grab some large storage bins and super strong garbage bags and plug in the paper shredder in preparation of putting things in order. You’ll feel better after it’s all done.

Basic Steps to Organization

  • Start with one area at a time and don’t move on until it’s completed. Hopping around from one area to another only adds to the disorganization.
  • Place 4 bins in the area; 1 for items to keep, 1 for recycling, 1 for items to donate and 1 for trash/shredding.
  • Don’t hesitate. Look at each item and determine its worth. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it.
  • Go through each drawer, cabinet, shelf, and closet sorting items into bins as you go.
  • Look around. If the area seems cluttered, consider moving out non-essential items such as an extra lamp, chair or table.
  • Once an area is complete, replace items from the “to keep” bin in an organized manner.
  • Repeat steps for each room.
  • Take the items in the “to donate” bin, such as clothes, blankets, linens, and children’s toys, and put them into a sturdy garbage bag and take to a local community center, church, homeless shelter, or abuse center, as soon as possible.
  • Other donated items such as old grills, dishware, glassware, cookware, electronics, and any other item that may be used can be dropped off at collection centers.
  • The “to recycle” bin speaks for itself. Drop items off at a local collection center.
  • Toss items from the “trash/shredding” bin that are no longer usable, and shred any paperwork containing identifying information.

Being organized and ready for anything the road has to offer is what Coach-Net is all about with its years of experience providing roadside assistance to RV adventurers.

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