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RV Cooking Made EasyThe summer is winding down, school is starting again, and we all know what that means….football and tailgate parties are back!  Every good tailgate party expects food, but between the limited space and prep tools, cooking inside the RV can be an art form. So, if you opt to create your game day masterpieces inside the RV, check out a few of these helpful ideas to maximize the fun and keep the stress away — at least until the game starts.

Little Space, Big Possibilities

RV Cooking - Little Space Big PossibilitiesDon’t let your lack of space scare you out of the kitchen. Plan ahead. Realize that you only need to bring what is absolutely necessary and will be used. Don’t stock bulky appliances you don’t need. Keep it simple. Items that have dual purposes are always a plus. For example, a colander not only drains pasta but can easily be a chip bowl. Before you venture out, plan your meals. Sauces can be made ahead of time and frozen. Anything that needs to be chopped can also be prepped ahead of time and stored in plastic bags or containers. A crockpot can be your best friend when you need a hassle-free meal.


Even though we know it’s possible to live without one, they certainly do simplify things in a kitchen. Depending on your specific RV, you may or may not have a built-in microwave. If you don’t have the built in variety and still want to take along a microwave to speed cook your munchies, your best bet would be to use a countertop RV microwave that’s made to withstand the movement on the road. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the safety features.

Stove and Cooktop (gas or electric?)

Cooking in an RVMany newer RVs feature electric ovens, but there are still some models powered by propane — and some owners that prefer to use gas. If you’re using propane in the kitchen, remember that some systems may be a slower/weaker cooking method than the more temperature-consistent electric model — so if you’re renting an RV for the occasion, you need to understand what your kitchen is capable of as you plan your party. Make sure you’re stocked with enough propane for your trip…especially if your refrigerator also runs on propane. With electricity, the top priority is making sure you have enough power to operate all of the appliances you want to use. A good electric generator can provide the power you need if there are no electrical hook-ups available.

Inspire Your Inner Foodie

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, check it out. There are many resources for RV-friendly recipes (beware: photos may cause uncontrollable hunger) and tips and tricks for the kitchen. Bottom line, cooking shouldn’t add stress to your road trips — because what’s most important are the people with whom you share those meals. Go Team Go!

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