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RV Storage TipsPurchasing an RV can be a great deal of fun but there are some key RV storage tips to help keep its value. One of the most important things that you will need to do is prepare your RV, inside and out, before putting it in storage so it will be in good condition when you’re ready to use it in the spring.

  • Whenever possible store your RV indoors.  If that is not an option, the next best option is to put a cover on it.
  • If you have to store your RV outside, make sure to clean it well with soap and water, but don’t wax places with decals or it may cause them to peel faster.
  • Run the generator with enough electricity to create at least 30 amps to keep the generator in good order. If you can, run the generator once a month while the RV is not in use.
  • Spray silicon on hinges and locks so they will still be easy to use when you’re ready to get the RV on the road again.
  • Clean the tires with soap and water. Make certain the tires are pumped to the manufacturer’s recommendation, and use plywood or another material to cover the tires in order to repel road salt or other chemicals.
  • Clean off the awnings with soap and water.  Remove sap or other debris, and make certain the awnings are dry before putting them away to avoid having mold and mildew problems.
  • Side-rooms should be cleaned also.
  • To winterize the inside, put RV antifreeze in hot and cold lines and in the sinks, shut off the LP, defrost the refrigerator, and pull down all blinds.
  • Remove all food so pests won’t be attracted, and plug all holes that a mouse or another pest could use to gain access to the RV.

There is a lot of work involved in getting your RV ready for storage, but you’ll enjoy it sooner and with less effort in warm weather when you take the time to put it away in good condition. These simple RV storage tips should make your summer enjoyment even greater as it will take less time in the spring to hit the road.

video thumbnailFor a more in-depth look into these winter RV storage tips, be sure to watch this handy video from our friends at RV Repair Club.



Source:  RV Repair Club

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