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Tips for RVing with Pets

One of the greatest things about traveling with an RV is the fact that your pets can tag along. After all, nobody likes to leave their furry friends behind, and anxiety about leaving pets is what keeps many dog and cat owners at home. That said, traveling with pets does require a bit of special preparation and some special considerations.

Below are our top tips for traveling with your pets. Keep these things in mind before heading out and you should have an easy and wonderful time on the road with your fur babies.

Consider Your Pet’s Personality

Mad CatFirst and foremost you’ll want to consider your pet’s personality. Some dogs and cats just aren’t cut out for travel, and if this is the case, you’ll need to make other arrangements.

Think about how your pup behaves around other people. Does he bark a lot? Will she try to run away? If so, your dog may not do well in a campground setting. If you have a cat, consider whether he or she will be happy hanging out inside. Cats who escape often are not suited to RV travel.

Do Test Runs

If you determine your pet will do well traveling in your RV, the next step is to do some test runs. Allow your dog or cat to get comfortable in the RV by giving them an opportunity to roam around and relax for a bit inside. You’ll also want to allow them a chance to get a feel for riding in a vehicle.

If you have a motorhome, take your pets for a spin inside to see how they react. If you’ll be pulling a trailer, take them for a ride in your truck. Do this a few times until you’re sure your pet is okay with vehicle travel and you know it doesn’t make them sick.

Make Room in Your RV

Of course, before you go on any trips you will need to prepare the RV for your furry friend. Find a place for food and water bowls, install a door ramp if necessary, and find a place for a pet bed. You might also want to install a temperature alarm in your RV. This will alert you should the A/C in your RV go out, causing the rig to become too hot.

Figuring these things out before you go will make everything much easier on the road.

Stop Often

Dog In RV

If your dog will be joining you on your trips, be sure to stop often to allow them to walk around and use the potty. Dogs need to move around a lot, and keeping your pup locked up in the car for extended periods of time will not end well. Luckily, most rest areas are perfectly okay with dogs, and some truck stops even include dog runs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that pets should not be left in a tow car. Therefore, unless you have a motorhome or travel only when the weather is cooler, you’ll need a human friend to stay with your dog or cat in the car while you use the restroom, grab food, and pay for gas.

Those with motorhomes can avoid going in for the most part, and can run the A/C using the generator when going inside is necessary.

Choose Campgrounds Wisely

It’s important to be aware that some campgrounds do not allow pets to stay with them. Other campgrounds limit the dog breeds they will accept. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and find out if your pet can stay with you in any given campground.

Want help finding pet friendly parks to stay in? Try Bring Fido.

Be Considerate

Always, always be considerate when staying with your pet in an RV park or campground. Pick up any solid waste your little friend may leave behind and never allow late-night or early morning barking.

Carry Shot Records

Lastly, you will want to keep shot records on hand for all your travels. Many campgrounds require these at check-in, and keeping a copy in the RV ensures you always have records when you need them.

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