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RV Renting

RV rental is a burgeoning business and a service that many vacationers have already taken advantage of. The ability to rent an RV for a family road trip or lease a large vehicle for a cross-country adventure is certainly attractive, and it is easy to see why so many new RV enthusiasts have taken to the roads.

Even so, there are some things to think about before hitting the road in your brand new rental RV. Knowing what to expect before you hit the road can make your next travel adventure safer, easier, more affordable and much more fun. Here are some things to think about if you are considering an RV rental.

Is Renting an RV a More Affordable Option?

To the uninitiated, it may seem like buying an RV is the cheaper alternative, especially if you plan to adopt a full-time RV lifestyle in retirement, or if you plan to embark on multiple road trips in a single year.

But before you head to the local RV dealership and take out a huge loan on that large vehicle, you need to think carefully about all the costs – not just the monthly payment. There are many costs to RV ownership, including some that new RV owners are totally unprepared for.

If you live in the country, you may have no trouble parking your behemoth and storing it in the off season, but for suburbanites and urban residents, the difficulties will begin right away. Depending on where you live, you may be forced to rent a storage space for your vehicle, and that could cost hundreds of dollars a month, even when you are not using the RV.

In the long run, renting an RV can be the more affordable alternative. When you choose RV rental, you incur costs only when you are using the vehicle, and you will not have to worry about parking restrictions at your home or fees at a local storage facility. In fact, RV rental is so affordable that many dedicated RV enthusiasts have already chosen this option.

Learning to Drive

It does not matter how long you have been driving or how capable a driver you are – operating an RV is a totally different animal. Recreational vehicles are not simply large – they are designed differently from passenger cars and pickup trucks.

That can make your first drive in an RV a bit dicey, and it is important to get to know the vehicle before you embark on your adventure. The RV is higher, longer and wider than the vehicle you are used to driving, and its different center of gravity will impact its handling, especially on twisty turning roads and tight corners.

RV Driving

Learning to park can be another challenge, and you will want to practice a lot before you hit the road. If you are planning to stay at an RV campground or visit crowded tourist attractions, you may need to park close to other RVs, and the skills you learn now will serve you well later.

These issues should not dissuade you from hitting the road in a rental RV, but you do need to be aware of the challenges before you set out. If you are a good and capable driver, you should have no trouble adapting to the unique nature of RV driving. If you practice ahead of time, you will be a more confident, and safer, RV driver.

Avoiding Roadside Headaches

Hopefully, your first foray into RV adventure will be a positive one, and you will make it to and from your destination without a hitch. Even so, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when you are driving in such a large vehicle.

Despite your best efforts and those of the RV rental agency, you cannot plan for every contingency. Roadside emergencies do happen, and when they do, you need to know help is only a phone call away.

Whether it is an accident with another driver, damage to the exterior of the vehicle or an unexpected breakdown in the middle of nowhere, having a preexisting relationship with a roadside assistance provider will give you extra peace of mind.

Even if you never need to call for service, you will feel better knowing that help is only a phone call away. Even if you have a generic roadside assistance service, it may not cover you when you are driving in an RV.

That is because most tow rigs and emergency service vehicles are not designed to pull or repair recreational vehicles. The closest repair shop may not have a list large or sturdy enough to accommodate an RV, and you may be left waiting for service for hours on end. This is where Coach-Net has your back.

By having a premium dedicated RV roadside assistance service ready to go, you can rest assured that you are covered, no matter what challenges the road has to offer. And while you hope you never need it, this type of coverage will be critically important when you hit the road in your rented RV.

The RV lifestyle is growing in popularity, and for good reason. When you drive an RV, you take your hotel room with you, and you can drive your house anywhere you like. Whether you are planning a coast to coast trip with the family or a romantic getaway with your spouse, you are sure to have a great time, but the right preparation can make a world of difference. Knowing what to expect from your first RV trip, and how to drive this large vehicle safely, will make your adventure even more fun.

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