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Not all heroes wear capes. While the heroes you see in Hollywood movies can be entertaining and often idolized by small children, the real heroes rarely wear flashy clothes. In the field of roadside assistance, the mark of a real hero is his unyielding dedication to the people he helps and his really big tow truck. Coach-Net members regularly approach us in person, post their gratitude online, call our member services to express their appreciation, or even send in hand written letters to boast about the wonderful Coach-Net agent who patiently and happily helped them on the phone when they were in desperate need. But many people don’t fully see the team of people who work together seamlessly to ensure our members are provided for. One of the major pillars of our Coach-Net team is comprised of our independent service providers. We partner with thousands of service providers all throughout the US and Canada and while we provide for our members over the phone, we rely on our partners to provide for our members in person. One of our dedicated partners who we trust to take care of our members with the utmost care is Alpha Unlock Pros.


Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Alpha Unlock Pros prides themselves on the top rated service they consistently deliver. Founded only 3 years ago, Alpha Unlock Pros has already received the Towman Ace Award two years in a row. The Towman Ace Award recognizes only the top 1% of service providers in the industry who consistently deliver the best service. Alpha Unlock Pros’ founder and owner, Adrian Lewis says receiving this esteemed award is “such and honor and speaks to how my company is dedicated to providing great service for our customers.” Afterall, that’s why Adrian created the company in the first place. “I saw a need for a company that had a genuine interest in helping stranded motorists. We also wanted to charge fair prices in a market that is often drastically overpriced.” While most people starting a new business are almost solely driven by maximizing their profit, Adrian’s primary focus was “fair” pricing and quality of service. It’s that kind of commitment to integrity why Coach-Net trusts Adrian and his team to help our members.

Alpha Unlock Pro's

Alpha Unlock Pros character and commitment to serving others is the foundation of their company and they work to demonstrate it in all that they do. Their mission statement is a testament of their devotion to selflessness and service. “Alpha Unlock Pros seeks to honor God by sowing seeds of faith by having a positive impact on those we come in contact with.” While most companies would promote the services they provide in their mission statement, Alpha Unlock Pros sets themselves apart from everyone else; they simply seek to honor their faith by serving others. That’s why we choose to partner with Alpha Unlock Pros; that’s why we trust them to provide the high-end level of service our members expect. They are dedicated to doing what’s right in all situations, and we work hard to reciprocate that same effort so that we can in turn earn their trust. And Adrian says that’s what he values most about our relationship. “Since the beginning of our working relationship, Coach-Net has always been dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise now matter how small the issue might be. Such commitment to great customer service on ALL levels is acknowledged and appreciated.”

Whether you’re locked out of your car, you’ve suffered a flat tire on your trailer, or your Class A diesel pusher is broken down on the side of the road, we work as a team with companies like Alpha Unlock Pros to handle whatever challenge you may encounter. We work together to ensure that you are safe, and you receive the help you need. So if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance: don’t panic, just call Coach-Net. With dedicated partners like Alpha Unlock Pros working with us 24/7, you can trust that our team will always come to your rescue. Thank you, Adrian, for choosing to partner with Coach-Net. Thank you, Alpha Unlock Pros for making sure Coach-Net members can truly enjoy Carefree RVing.

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Edward K. ~ “When I called in I had a flat tire on my RV. I didn’t think I was going to get service as fast as I did. Mary was quick to help. Offered assistance right away. It was reassuring to know I was going to be taken care of.