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What Makes Coach-Net Different

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

In a modern society that compels everyone to be the same, that classic quote from Coco Chanel causes pause. Everyone is encouraged to dress the same, act the same, talk the same, and everyone should have the same cookie-cutter lifestyle. But anyone who RVs knows that if you choose to be ordinary, like everyone else, you can deprive yourself from something extraordinary. While having a traditional brick and mortar house can be beautiful, it will never give you the freedom and thrill of living full time on the road in an RV. The unique sense of adventure you get from living in an RV is simply irreplaceable. And there are all sorts of unique qualities that can make a person, or a business, irreplaceable.

There are almost countless roadside assistance companies to choose from. It seems that each day a new company is popping up or branching out to offer roadside assistance. So how do you choose? Who should you rely on when you need help? On paper, an uncritical eye could easily have similar sentiments about roadside assistance companies. “They’re all the same. They all provide roadside assistance.” So why do so many RVers choose Coach-Net as the people they call when they need help? What makes Coach-Net different? Are all roadside assistance companies equal, or is there something about Coach-Net that sets us apart from the rest? What makes Coach-Net irreplaceable? The answer is deeply rooted, but it can probably be summarized with just one word: culture.

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Words Coach-Net Employees Live By

It all started around a campfire. Over 30 years ago a group of RVers were sitting around the campfire swapping horror stories of being broken down on the side of the road, collectively chewing on their past aggravations, and the relentless run of issues RVers regularly face. Certain people knew of quality technicians in specific areas. Others had lesser-known tricks for troubleshooting difficult components. With their combined knowledge an idea was born. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone we could call for all of these issues who could help us in the moment? Rather than hear about the great technician, or learn of the helpful trick, long after we resolved our troubles, wouldn’t it be great to talk to a live person who could help us find the answers right then and there?”

Employees Around Campfire

Coach-Net Employees Around Campfire

That group wanted a network helping them when they were out traveling in their motorcoaches so that’s what they became. It was around that campfire that Coach-Net was created, and we have been proudly serving as a lifeline for RVers ever since. We didn’t just create a business overnight. Arguably being the first of its kind to offer high-end service for RVers, we have spent decades building and developing our program. We didn’t just see a successful business model and copy it simply for monetary gain. Coach-Net was created for RVers by RVers because they saw a need that wasn’t being met. RVers needed a resource that could provide immediate help. Over the past 30 years, everyone at Coach-Net has toiled to establish us as the go-to RV experts for travelers in need.

At Coach-Net, we pride ourselves on being RV experts; a passion that is easily evident in all that we do. Anyone who steps foot in our office is immediately immersed in the RV lifestyle. Our reception area greets visitors with our oversized Coach-Net sign perched above a giant silhouette of an RV camping scene. As you venture further, you’ll see one of our main walls prominently displaying our mission statement and core values as a testament to any visitors, and as a constant reminder to our team. We even have smaller magnetic versions hanging in each person’s workspace so that we never lose sight of our ultimate purpose.

Coach-Net Lobby

Coach-Net Lobby

Coach-Net Core Values

Coach-Net Core Values

Coach-Net Mission Statement

Coach-Net Mission Statement

We’re proud of what we do and we’re proud to work in such a fun industry. While most roadside assistance companies will outsource or subcontract to various call centers, at Coach-Net we take pride in our services; consequently, we insist on always doing our own work and keeping everything under one roof. Everyone at Coach-Net offices in the same open floor, allowing us to seamlessly serve our partners and our members. Having our agents, technicians, operations specialists, learning & development team, marketing, member services, and sales team all work in the same open space is also an ever-present reminder that each person within Coach-Net is integral to the system. No role is necessarily greater than another. We each contribute something unique and vital to fulfilling our mission: to create a carefree RV experience so everyone can focus on making memories with their friends and families.

Call Center

Overview of Call Center

Finally, one of the things that makes Coach-Net truly authentic is the fact that we are RVers. Anyone can look at beautiful pictures, and read countless instructional manuals, but nothing can ever replace the feeling of driving a big Class A RV down a curving mountain roadway. The only way to truly understand the intimidation a new RVer has when setting up in a campground for the very first time is by experiencing that moment ourselves. And everyone should get to enjoy the warmth of a flickering campfire soothingly massage all of your senses while you watch your family climb into the cozy RV for a well-earned night of rest.

Coach-Net President and family enjoying a movie under the stars

Coach-Net President and family enjoying a movie under the stars

For this reason, Coach-Net proudly owns not just one, but two RVs – a motorized and a towable unit both available for our employees to go camping with family and friends, at no cost. We want every person working for Coach-Net to have that personal camping experience. It makes us more knowledgeable in our jobs and it inherently makes us more compassionate to our members’ struggles. After we have spent time in an RV dealing with the daily challenges they naturally produce, we realize that could easily be our own family calling in for assistance.

Sales VP with Family On RV Adventure

Coach-Net VP of Sales on vacation with her family

Coach-Net RV Tech Ready To Take Out The Airstream

Coach-Net RV Tech Out Camping

RVing is about enjoying one-of-a-kind experiences in some of the most unique places. RVers seek to create irreplaceable memories through personalized travels. So it only makes sense that when RVers inevitably encounter a moment where they need help, they should call someone who is invested in their passion and understanding of their unique needs. When you call Coach-Net needing help, you’re not just a random number struggling with some foreign issue. The person answering the phone has personal experience camping. They have explored the inside and outside of an RV, and consequently have a level of compassion that someone who has never RVed simply can’t replicate. There will always be other companies that offer roadside assistance. There will always be other companies that may even appear similar on paper. But at our core, Coach-Net is truly different. Our unique culture permeates everything we do. And our passion for RVing, and helping fellow RVers, is unparalleled and irreplaceable.

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Ronald K. ~ “We called for help and the tech who we spoke to helped solve the problem over the phone. Everything was resolved within 10 minutes! It was great!”