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When you are on the road living primarily in your RV, the reality is that you possess fewer items, and this results in the reliance on a smaller amount of resources. Nonetheless, there are some environmental issues that can arise in terms of traveling and living in your RV when you want to be more committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the key issues that you may face comes from disposing of waste in a way that is responsible. The majority of campsites usually only offer dumpsters for trash. However, it’s possible to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle while you’re on the road, and that begins with reusing kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Compost inside your RV

It’s commonly thought that composting consists of worms and large mounds of dirt outside somewhere in your yard. However, even when most of your time is spent on the road, composting is still achievable: it is completely possible to compost inside your RV. This will prove to be worthwhile if you want to truly be committed to living in a more eco-friendly way. 

Don’t skimp on scraps

To compost effectively, it is necessary to buy a bucket that is designed specifically for indoor composting. Place a good amount of dirt at the bottom of the bucket. Add scraps of vegetables and fruit that you intend to throw away, and cover them with some shredded paper or leaves. Then combine all these elements by mixing them. Continue the process of adding all scraps of vegetables, fruit, leaves and shredded paper each week: layering outside waste and kitchen scraps is important for composting effectively. Turn the compost mixture on a fairly regular basis. 

Arriving at compost

Your compost mixture will begin to develop a dirt-like consistency that is black in color. Once it reaches this stage, it can be added to a garden somewhere along your travels. Doing this will give you the peace of mind that you’re helping to keep trash out of landfill and that you’re making a valuable contribution to protect the planet. You will be adding nutrients to someone’s garden too, which will help their fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants to thrive. Reusing garden waste will become not just a chore, but a rewarding endeavor.

Once you start reusing garden waste in your RV, you will enjoy making the effort to apply this eco-friendly approach. You will be pleased that you are making a valuable commitment to live according to the principles of your eco-friendly lifestyle. You may even inspire other people to join you in the quest to reuse as much waste as possible, even when you’re on the road.

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