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Kristen is the Director of Accounting here at Coach-Net and has been an invaluable member of the Coach-Net family for over 20 years now! She, her husband, and her two boys go on camping trips every year, but they have now been able to take Coach-Net’s Airstream out 3 times! Most recently, they went camping over Easter Weekend in Brownwood State Park! Check out their RV experience!

Where did you go?   

We traveled to Brownwood State Park for a camping trip this past April.  This was a relaxing 3-hour drive out in west Texas. The state park was very nice, with some good hiking trails, biking areas, and a lake for fishing.    

How long was your trip?

We camped for 3 nights over Easter weekend.  This is an annual event that we enjoy with 2 other families.  The kids look forward to the Easter Egg hunt Sunday morning.

Was this your 1st time RVing?

No, we have been able to go RVing about a handful of times now.  We have been camping for years and have recently switched from a tent to a camper.  My whole family really looks forward to each camping trip. It’s great to see my boys out exploring, throwing the football or frisbee, and playing with their friends instead of staring at their tablets. 

What’s the fondest memory of your trip?

Watching all the kids go exploring.  We have 5 kids in our group of 3 families.  They gathered up the walkie-talkies and their backpacks for their explorations around the campground.  They were having so much fun together figuring out where to go and they drew up maps of their explorations when they got back to our campsites.  I love seeing all the kids disconnect from their screens and have fun outdoors.  We also enjoyed a family movie night under the stars this year.  We put up a movie screen and made some popcorn.  It was something new and fun for everyone!

Did you find anything challenging about your RV trip? 

We have gotten pretty familiar with the RV by now.  We are able to get everything connected and set up pretty quickly.  This trip went very smoothly and we didn’t have any issues with the camper or campsite. 

Would you go again? (& Why)

Definitely we will be going camping again.  We have a trip scheduled in Huntsville State Park in October. 

Where would you like to go next?

We have a trip scheduled to go to Huntsville State Park.  Another one possibly in Pedernales State Park in November.  We go with the same group of family friends in the spring and fall every year.  We have been able to camp with this same group for over 10 years.  Now that a couple of us have campers, we plan to go more often than just 2 times per year.    

Why do you love RVing?

RVing is such a great time.  We have been camping for years and our family really enjoys the outdoors and hanging out together.  Our boys (years 11 & 8) look forward to our RV trips weeks before we head out.  I would say the best part of RVing/camping are these special memories we are making as a family.

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