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The dream of owning an RV is already the reality of nearly 11 million American households according to the Washington Post.  Sadly as RV ownership increases, so too does the number of security concerns associated with RV living. Regardless of whether you live in your RV or use it as an occasional camping vehicle, security should always be a top priority. Just like house burglaries have increased over the past few years, an increasing number of RV owners also find themselves having to contend with theft and other security concerns. Here are a few ways to help ensure your RV and its contents are as safe as possible regardless of where you are.

Develop Good Safety Habits

One of the simplest ways to protect your RV is by developing good safety habits. This includes always locking your doors anytime you leave the RV as well as at night when you are sleeping. The same applies to your windows. While an open window can let in some fresh air, it can also provide a thief with easy access to your RV. Even if the windows aren’t fully removed to gain entrance, items that are near the window can easily be pulled through. Make sure all your windows are closed when you are not near your RV and close any curtains/blinds as well to protect your property from peeping eyes. Also, make a point of checking all exterior storage compartments to ensure that they are locked.

Invest in a Smart Security System

IoT home safety devices have been used with great success to support especially aging and disabled individuals in their homes. The same technologies can be used to protect your RV as well. As long as you have a reliable internet connection you can install a smart wireless alarm system that makes use of a WiFi connection to operate. There are systems available to suit just about every budget. While a basic system may only consist of a security camera and door/window sensors, a more advanced system can also include a remote viewing functionality and motion detection lights. If you want to protect your RV with a smart security system be sure to conduct a decent amount of research and weigh up all your options before parting with any money. You may also want to have the system installed by an accredited service provider instead of attempting it yourself.

Always Research Your Campsite

Unfortunately, not all RV campsites were created equal with some being at greater risk of break-ins and theft than others. It is therefore very important to research any campsites you might visit prior to leaving home.  Ideally, you want to choose campsites that are located in low-crime areas and that have acceptable security measures in place. Campsites that are very remote naturally have a higher chance of being targeted by criminals. Where possible, look for sites that aren’t too far off the beaten track (unless they have super security measures in place), have controlled access, are well-lit, and have on-site security personnel. Do a Google search for the campsites you are considering and make a point of reading reviews on social media as well to get a good feel for a site from people who have actually been there. 

Owning an RV is undoubtedly a dream come true. By following a few basic safety guidelines you can ensure that your valuables are always safe regardless of where your travel may take you.

Author: Alicia Rennoll

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