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Keeping the menu varied on a picnic can be tough, so here are some ideas that will help you to have a great picnic that really hits the spot.

Chili Dog Fries

If you’re tired of plain old hot dogs, try this meal on for size. Take some frozen french fries and cook them in the oven before your picnic. Get your favorite canned chili (or make your own), roast some hot dogs on the fire, and then slice them up and throw them on the fries. Pour the chili over the fries and dogs, and top with shredded cheddar, ketchup and mustard. This meal has a flavor that will remind you of childhood summers.

Potato Chip Chicken

What says summer like potato chips? If you want some lean protein, get some of your favorite potato chips and crush them up in a tray. Now take some egg wash, dip your chicken in it, and roll it in the potato chips. Roast that in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, make sure it’s fully cooked, and then serve with some potato salad for a great picnic main course.

Cool Veggie Wraps

Start with a wrap or tortilla (whole wheat, multigrain, and spinach are tasty and offer a low calorie option), spread mayonnaise, and cover that with a layer of corn, beans, sliced cucumber, and diced onion. Put some fresh lettuce on there, top with shredded Parmesan cheese, and roll it up. This is basically a salad in a wrap. You can grill the outside of the wrap to make it crispy if you like. Just make sure not to expose it to heat for more than the twenty seconds or so it takes to sear the outside of the wrap. This one goes great with a smoothie or a tall glass of lemonade and a handful of kettle cooked potato chips.

Grill Fire

Do you enjoy finding a great spot to picnic? Tell us about your favorite picnic memory below!