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One of the best things about traveling by road, rather than by air, is that you’re not at the mercy of flight schedules and can just pick up and go at your own leisure wherever you want. One of the best things about hitting the road in your RV is that you’re basically taking a road trip in your living room. Accommodations are comfortable, roomy and economical in the sense that you can camp instead of springing for that pricey hotel.

US Marines Corps Memorial

With that being said, one of the many places that should be on your list of places to visit is Arlington, Virginia. It’s a history lover’s heaven and is close enough to the nation’s capital that it can easily be combined in a trip to Washington D.C. for more American history and tradition. The RV parks are plentiful in the northern Virginia area, and so are the sights to see.

Here’s a look at some must-sees for Arlington area:

  • Arlington National Cemetery: If there’s only one place you visit while you’re in Arlington, it should be the Arlington National Cemetery. This military cemetery is one of America’s most sacred grounds, having been established at the Arlington House during the Civil War. It’s meticulously cared for and consists of 624 acres of land. While it was established during the Civil War, soldiers from each war America has been involved in have been buried there.
  • Arlington House – Robert E. Lee Memorial: This was the former residence of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, which still stands today. It majestically overlooks the Potomac River as well as the 624 acres of Arlington National Cemetery. If you’re planning on heading to the historic national military cemetery, you may want to check out this house as well.
  • Tomb of the Unknowns: Another cemetery – but this one is the burial spot that honors unidentified soldiers that perished during the Korean and two World Wars. A neat interest point about the Tomb of the Unknowns is that it’s guarded 24/7 by the Army’s third infantry.
  • Mount Vernon Trail: This biking and walking path is ideal for taking a stroll along the water as the monuments of Arlington and the Washington D.C. area are seen in the background.
  • U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial: We’ve all seen the historical flag raising photo from Iwo Jima. This awe-inspiring replica exists in Arlington to give tourists a look at the statue of the historic World War II photo.
  • The Pentagon: The headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Have you made a trip to Arlington, Virginia in your RV? Comment below and let us know what sights you enjoyed the most and other attractions that you would suggest visiting. Happy camping!