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As America’s first national park, Yellowstone is a destination that should be on the avid traveler’s bucket list. The great news about Yellowstone is that the park is RV-friendly. With multiple parks just outside of its borders as well as campgrounds within Yellowstone that have pull-throughs and one with hookups, you’ll find everything you need here.

Waterfall Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has over two million acres of land to explore, so it’s a destination you will need to re-visit from time to time in order to fully appreciate the beauty. On your first visit, give yourself a thorough introduction to the park’s most popular features by taking a drive along Grand Loop Road.

As you travel along this popular route, you will first come to Firehole River. Get out of your RV for a while to listen to the sound of water pouring through an 800-foot canyon and thundering down Firehole Falls. Then, jump back in and continue down the path to Fountain Paint Pot, where molten mud in a range of colors bubbles up through the ground offering unique photographic opportunities.

As you continue on this road, stop and take some photographs of Midway Basin. This 370-feet in diameter natural hot spring offers a spectacular array of colors. Make sure you see it from overhead using the boardwalk.

The colorful attractions along this route include Rainbow Pool, another large hot spring with a deep blue center. Algae growth along the pool’s cooler edges create a display of colors that you have to see to believe!

Finally, you are ready to see Old Faithful in the Upper Basin, in the heart of Yellowstone. After seeing the geyser erupt, your visit is far from over. You’ve only seen a mere fraction of the park. To truly experience it and have the opportunity to see American bison and other wildlife in their natural habitats, you will need to park your RV, get out and take a hike. Trust us, you will be glad you did!