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Holiday-Decor3When you hit the road in your RV during the fall and winter, the holidays provide a great opportunity to start a new tradition and cruise the country in style. Just as you travel for a change in scenery, holiday decorations on your RV can give your home on wheels a cheery facelift that will get you and your family in a festive spirit. From a simple statement piece to an all-out holiday explosion, the only limit on decorating your RV this holiday season is your creativity.

Simple Ideas for Your RV

      • Holiday escape: If the interior of your RV has a monochromatic color scheme, Country Living recommends decorating one wall with festive wallpaper. You can recreate the same look and save money with wide holiday-themed wrapping paper. After cutting it to the appropriate dimensions, use double-sided tape to secure the paper to a wall.
      • Flat Christmas tree: To get the glowing look of a Christmas tree without sacrificing space, buy a large picture of a Christmas tree on canvas. Alternatively, take a picture of your Christmas tree at home and have the image mounted onto canvas. Gently punch small holes in the canvas and place a bulb from a strand of LED lights in each hole. Hang the picture on the wall and plug in the lights.
      • LED window decorations: To give your RV a simple festive flair, hang an LED window decoration on the back window of your rig.
      • Show off your favorite decorations: If you like looking at your decorations more than trimming a tree, Apartment Therapy suggests hanging them from picture frames. Simply install hooks along the inside border of the frame, at the top, and use pretty string or ribbon to hang the frames and decorations. Alternatively, install a screen with small mesh onto the back of frame, then hang ornaments on the screen so they form a tree shape. Hang your masterpiece on a wall.
RV Christmas tree

as seen on the Into Vintage blog

Ideas for Interior Holiday Décor

      • Deck the main cabin: Purchase a garland with integrated holiday lights and hang it along the walls of the main cabin. If you have a slide-out, hang the garland from the top of the frame where your rig pops out, as seen on The Fun Times Guide. Hang small stockings and ornaments from the garland. If you find garlands too blasé, consider hanging strings of pearls or ribbons instead.
      • Dashboard winter-scape: When parked at a campsite, give your dash a dreamy holiday look. Place a strand of white LED lights on the dash and cover it with fake snow. Then place holiday figurines in the snow, including those that light-up and small Christmas trees. Hang icicle lights from the top of the windshield. Complete the look with a snowyscene mounted on cardboard that you place on the seats to serve as a background image. Similarly, you may create a nativity scene on your dash with strategically placed lights and all the essential characters.

      • Mistletoe: Make a small kissing ball with mistletoe and hang it by the door.
      • Switch up the staples: Give the inside of your RV a more festive look by switching your everyday décor with their holiday counterparts. For example, slip holiday-themed pillowcases over the throw pillows on the sofa. Use festive placemats instead of your regular ones and place a red, gold or white table runner on the dining table. If you like to burn candles, use scented ones that remind you of the holidays or use holiday-inspired votive holders. Similarly, place flameless candlesticks on each windowsill.
      • Complete the atmosphere: Decorating for the holiday should involve all the senses. Go RV Texas suggests playing holiday movies or seasonal music at a low volume to fill your rig with interesting background noise.

Outside Decorations for Your RV

      • Take advantage of awnings: If you have an awning on your RV, extend it (if the weather permits) and adorn it with holiday lights. For example, wrap strands of lights along the posts that extend from the awning and hang icicle lights along the top of the accessory. If the weather is warm enough to eat or sit outside, hang an inexpensive chandelier from the awning.
      • Moving lights: Use animated outdoor lights to line the exterior of your camper. For a more high-tech approach, use a laptop to program outdoor holiday lights so they pulse to the beat of music or create an animated scene.
      • Create a walkway: Use small candy canes that illuminate to create a walkway to your camper’s door.
      • A small winter wonderland: If space (and the campsite) permits, tastefully place illuminated holiday lawn ornaments around the outside of your RV. For instance, make a small forest with illuminated fir trees, deer and a snowman. Or, show off your collection of inflatable snowmen andSantas.

        RV Christmas Outside

        Photo via DoItYourselfRV

Being on the road doesn’t mean your holiday traditions have to stop. Take the spirit with you wherever you go. We’d love to see your ideas. Please comment below or share some photos to our Facebook page.

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