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Best-of-2014-headerChristmas day is less than two weeks away! We won’t quiz you to see if you know the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas but we thought we’d share 12 of the most viewed blog posts from 2014.

Common RV Driving Mistakes

We all know that towing or driving an RV is not the same as driving your every day vehicle. We researched the most common RV insurance claims and came up with this list of common RV driving mistakes. This is a list that will help all year long.

Preparing Your RV for Winter

Maintaining your RV is of top concern for our Coach-Net blog readers. We offered some helpful tips in this post to prepare your RV for the winter months so she’ll be healthy and ready to go when it gets warm again.

Water Heater Love

If you take good care of your RV, your RV will take care of you. In this post, we gave your water heater some love since it should have a maintenance check every 6 months. Check this one out especially if you’ve been traveling somewhere with high mineral content in the water.

How Shocking

Another maintenance blog, this post centers around taking care of the electrical systems in your RV. We’re happy that our readers are keeping their RVs well maintained but we want to make sure you’re safe while you’re doing it.

The Best Snowbird Destinations

It seems that many of our RV-ers are living the full RV lifestyle by going some place warm for the winter. We put together this list of the best snowbird destinations for that reason. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a winter vacation by warm water?

What Was I thinking? Things to consider before embarking on an RV Remodel

Bravo to our Coach-Net member who took on an RV remodel and lived to write about it! In this post, he shares the ups and downs and whether it was worth it. If you’re considering starting your own remodel, read this post first.

Campfire Pumpkin Pie

During the fall and winter months, who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie? But a pumpkin pie recipe for over the campfire? We absolutely had to share this delicious recipe with our readers and you all clicked to read. Cooking over a campfire makes everything taste better, doesn’t it?

Fall Festivals in North America

There’s something about hitting some awesome fall festivals during your travels in your RV. We found everything from leaf peeping festivals to wine, apples and, of course, Oktoberfest. We’d love to hear your stories if you attended any of these.

Thanksgiving on the Go

Living the RV life doesn’t mean that you don’t get to celebrate the holidays on the road. We found a lot of options for celebrating Thanksgiving on the go. It’s nice to have the option of finding a dinner at a local restaurant or cooking it right in your RV.

Crisp Temps, Juicy Ripe Apples – It Must Be Fall!

By the time this blog was published, our readers were ready for the cooler temps. With the autumn comes apples and apple recipes! Caramel Apple pie? Yes please.

Most Common Reasons for Tire Failure

Driving hundreds of miles in your RV, you can expect some glitches in your get-up. Our readers like to stay ahead of a challenge by being prepared for the worst. This post offered some insights on tire failures and why they happen. Having knowledge of some preventative measures helps you stay on the road safely and with less headaches.

A Few Campfire Stories to keep you Warm

What better way to stay warm than to snuggle up around a campfire and share a few campfire stories? We enjoyed digging up some stories to share with your families. Hope the kids got as much of a kick out them as we did.

From this list, we gathered that our readers want to take great care of their homes away from home and enjoy a great recipe or two along the way. We look forward to creating even more posts along these lines in 2015!