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Coach-Net FAQ'sWe often receive great questions regarding Coach-Net benefits and services and how we differ from other RV roadside assistance companies. We’ve put together some answers to your questions so that you can easily find what you’re looking for! In addition, there is an FAQ page on our website you can view here. 

How long has Coach-Net been in business?

  • We’ve been providing premier RV roadside services for over 30 years! Since 1987 we’ve been driven to offer the best in RV roadside assistance as well as other benefits like our tire and wheel program, service agreements, paint & fabric and more!

What makes Coach-Net different from other competitors?

  • Many companies claim to offer “Unlimited Roadside Events”, however, if you look closer at their literature you’ll find that there are restrictions on the number of roadside events that a member is allowed. Coach-Net offers truly unlimited roadside events! No matter how many times you call, we’ll be here to help you!
  • Coach-Net owns its call center!  It is not outsourced to a 3rd party.  Everyone from the trained dispatch agents to our CEO works out of the same building! This means we have direct access to your membership information and can get you back on the road to your destination quicker and easier!
  • Coach-Net provides in-house RVDA/RVIA-certified RV technicians. Our RV techs are also trained by the various RV manufacturers so that they always have the most up-to-date information on your RV. Other RV roadside assistance providers may offer technical assistance, but they are only certified in automobiles and may not be equipped to help with your RV. Coach-Net’s RV techs are available 24/7 and are specifically trained for RV’s like yours.

What does our roadside cover? What do we consider qualified? (Technical Support and Towing are big questions)

  • Coach-Net provides unlimited towing, jumpstart, fuel delivery, locksmith, tire assistance, winching, and technical support. We tow unlimited mileage, no cost to you, to the nearest qualified repair facility.
  • Coach-Net takes the term “Qualified” very seriously. This means our technicians will verify the needed service based on the unit’s specific issue and who is certified to handle the problem.

How do we handle our tire services?

  • Coach-Net offers unlimited tire assistance and delivery to the member’s location in addition to covering the service call/mileage to send a technician for repair. The member is responsible for any parts and labor incurred.
  • If the member has a good working spare there is no fee to change the tire. If the member is disabled in an unsafe location where a tire cannot feasibly be serviced, Coach-Net will either provide a tow to the nearest qualified tire facility OR dispatch police to the member’s location for immediate assistance.

What areas does Coach-Net cover? Does Coach-Net assist in campgrounds?

  • Because breakdowns can happen anywhere at any time, Coach-Net provides assistance throughout the entire United States and Canada whether a member is on the side of the road, campground, or in their own driveway.

What discounts do we offer?

  • We offer a wide variety of discounts including campgrounds, hotel/motels, vehicle rentals, tires (Michelin/Goodyear), online shopping, etc.

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