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Green Cleaning For Your RV

Green Cleaning Solutions For Your RV

RV ownership is more popular than ever — over nine million families in the U.S. currently own one, the RV Industry Association reports. Keeping your RV interiors nice and clean is an important part of ownership. Dirt gets tracked in by shoes, dust blows in through open windows, and general grime quickly accumulates on bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly cleaning solutions that can keep your RV clean while minimizing your environmental impact.

Green cleaning products

Conventional cleaning products are certainly effective, but they’re full of synthetic chemicals that harm the environment and human health. In particular, volatile organic compounds, phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia are commonly found in the household cleaners typically used to clean RVs. These chemicals are some of the worst pollutants of water and air, as identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. You can eliminate these chemicals from your cleaning routine by making your own natural cleaning products. Natural ingredients are better for the environment and just as effective as conventional cleaners.

Green Cleaning Products

For example, a DIY paste of baking soda, vinegar, and water can be used to clean your counters, stove, and bathroom. Vinegar and water can also be used to clean glass and mirrors. Using a minimal number of multi-purpose natural ingredients is cheaper, simplifies your cleaning routine, and takes up less space in your RV.

Robot vacuums

Even if you already have a comprehensive central vacuum system for your RV, a secondary robot vacuum is essential for those times when you’re low on time, energy, or power required to operate the central vac. A robot vacuum can effortlessly navigate your RV to vacuum the floors for you — no matter what type of floor surface you have. Smart models can connect to the Wi-Fi, which means you can control it with voice commands or smartphone apps from any location. Many models are also specifically designed to get into the tight corners and hard-to-reach areas you typically find in RVs. Robot vacuums are also eco-friendly because they’re battery-powered, which means they end up using less energy than regular plug-in cleaners.

Robot Vacuum

Robot mops

A good mop is essential for cleaning any wood, tile, and laminate floors in your RV. In particular, robot mops are a new technology that simplifies cleaning your floors greatly. They’re fitted with cutting-edge sensors able to navigate your RV and mop your floor for you. Getting around compact spaces and tight corners is no problem for robot mops. They’re also able to precisely spray cleaning solution onto the floor while taking care not to hit your furniture. If you have a robot mop with a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to set the mop’s route and schedule with an app on your smartphone. Many models of robot mop are also eco-friendly — look for ones that use reusable cleaning pads. They’re also very efficient cleaners, which use up to 80% less water than conventional mops.

Robot Mop

Eco-friendly doormats

Investing in a good-quality doormat for your RV is a simple yet effective solution to keep dirt and mud at bay. It’ll also lessen the amount of time you spend vacuuming and mopping the floors. Look for a mat made from eco-friendly materials like recycled rubber, natural jute, or coconut fibers. Once it wears out, it’ll biodegrade, which is much better for the environment. Remember to also regularly vacuum your mat front and back. Additionally vacuuming the back of the mat helps dislodge any dirt embedded on the front.

Keeping your RV clean doesn’t have to be expensive, labor-intensive, or involve strong chemicals. With these smart eco-friendly products and devices, you can keep your RV floors and surfaces clean with minimal time and effort.

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