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Millennials are spearheading the RV boom in a big way, reports the RV Industry Association, with the Class B camper van holding particular sway among this adventurous crowd. Apart from the freedom and independence of RVs, their ability to house families with kids is also of interest, which makes sense considering the fact that millennials are growing up (they are aged 25-40) and kids love nothing more than outdoor adventures. Children certainly enjoy being in RVs, but when families are undertaking long road trips, they need to ensure be entertained. Otherwise, they may start asking that question (“Are we there yet?”) hundreds of times. Below you will find a host of fun, screen-free ideas that parents, grandparents, and friends can enjoy alongside younger members of the family.

Shape Sorters and Puzzles

Having to solve a problem can keep curious kids occupied for many minutes straight. For younger tots, shape sorters, building blocks, and puzzles will do the trick. This type of toy has actually picked up in popularity, with many parents opting for gender-neutral games and toys that can be reused by various kids in the home. Board games involving question-and-answer-type activities are ideal for older kids. Moreover, having the opportunity to play with all toys can teach kids that there are no limits when it comes to pursuing interests or trying new activities and subjects out. You can either bring a Trivial Pursuit-type game along or simply print out a few trivial questions kids can compete to solve.

Paper Dolls

This activity is fun and time-consuming, making it a good way to make the minutes go by quicker. Make sure to bring child-safe scissors onboard. These have rounded edges but are still able to cut perfect edges on paper and other materials. Bring a few coloring and glitter ink pens as well, so that kids can embellish paper clothing to their chosen style.


If you are on a road trip, then without a doubt you will be making various stops and indeed, you may decide to camp in a green, lakeside, or seaside area — all of which make an ideal setting for NERF gun wars. If you will be camping by the water, of course, make sure you have water pistols as well. This type of toy is ideal for getting kids to run, jump, and hone their stealth tactics.

Card Games

From UNO to Poker, there are so many card games that families can enjoy together. Cards are light, weightless, and easy to pack and they make for an ideal mid-morning or lazy afternoon activity. Popular games include Disney’s Eye Found It packs, Five Crowns, and Set. Older kids, meanwhile, will love learning more mature games that require skill, memory, and strategy. Even a simple deck of cards will do for games like Old Maid, Slap Jack, Memory, and President.

Kids love RV trips owing to the sense of adventure they bring. To make road trips seem shorter, make sure to bring various games and toys, since kids can get tired of playing the same type of game over and over. Top choices include shape sorters, puzzles, NERF and water guns, and good old card games which passengers of all ages will undoubtedly enjoy playing.

Author: Alicia Rennoll

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