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My wife Natalie and I have been living in our RV full-time for over six years. We have put thousands of miles on our rig and have planned tons of trips in that time. As a result, we get asked about the best RV trip planning app out there. Honestly, we don’t use just one. There are several big contenders, and each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. So below, you will find the top three RV trip planning web apps we use and why.

RV Trip Wizard

RV Life produces RV Trip Wizard, and it is probably our main trip routing app. That is what puts it on top of the list. Many apps help you find RV parks, disbursed camping sites, and Walmarts, but not many of them will route you with RV-friendly directions. That is precisely where RV Trip Wizard shines.

Cost: $19/month or $49/year

Why We Love RV Trip Wizard

  • Safe Routing And Fuel Stops

Their site offers a free 7-day trial, and when you sign up, you are asked to input your RVs type, size, gas mileage, etc. RV Trip Wizard will use this information to choose the safest route for your rig. It will also use the fuel tank size and gas milage to tell you where you will need to fill up.

  • Time Estimates And Avoiding Tolls, Highways, Etc

Do you want to avoid highways or hate tunnels even when your RV will fit? RV Trip Wizard has many options to avoid different scenarios on your route. You can also allow Trip Wizard to estimate your travel time based on speed limit or choose an average speed that you typically travel.

  • Driving Radius Based On Mileage Or Time

The driving radius is a neat feature. You select a minimum, ideal, and maximum distance based on miles or driving time each day, and RV Trip Wizard will put that radius around your selected stopping location. This makes it easier to decide where your next stop will be. We used to have to measure each driving day manually on Google Maps before discovering this feature.

  • Trip Cost Estimate

You can input the average price of gas, campground stay, and daily food cost, and RV Trip Wizard will estimate the cost of your trip. Alternately, you can input the cost information for each stop to get an accurate estimate of how much your trip will cost.

  • Tons of Filters

Filter RV parks and campgrounds by type, amenities, price, rating, and more. There are tones of filters to narrow down the perfect RV park. It integrates with Campground Reviews, so you get real customer input without leaving the trip planning tool.

  • Points of Interest

RV Trip Wizard allows you to find and filter for different points of interest along your route from gas stations, dump stations, and Walmarts to area attractions.

  • Elevation

RV Trip Wizard shows you the elevation and estimated grades of your entire trip.

  • RV GPS

You can pull up your trips on the RV Life app to use it as an RV-safe GPS unit.

Here is a video of exactly how we use RV Trip Wizard to plan an RV Trip:

Allstays Pro

Allstays is a popular RV trip planning tool for RVers that doesn’t do routing. However, It provides many of the same filters as RV Trip Wizard for finding campsites, gas stops, and services.

Cost: About $35 a year

What It’s Good At

  • Walmart, Truck Stop, and Rest Stop Info

Allstays is good at listing a ton of information about truck stops and rest stops. It will tell you how many parking spaces and amenities are offered such as propane fills or an RV dump station. The same goes for rest areas. Do you need a rest area with an RV dump, WiFi, or any other services? Allstays will tell you.

In addition, when it comes to Walmarts, Cracker Barrels, and other such locations, Allstays will tell you how many RV parking spaces Cracker Barrels have. The description will list other RVers’ experiences at Walmarts with the date for reference.

Allstays is good at giving info on places like Walmarts, truck stops, and rest areas that other services don’t give.

  • Free Camping

Allstays isn’t our preferred boondocking spot finder, but it does have a rather large database of free or almost free campgrounds. Using Allstays, we have been able to find locations that provide full hookups that allow free camping. You can find some of these locations with RV Trip Wizard, but Allstays seems to have more.

What It’s Not Good At

There is only one issue that prevents Allstays from being used exclusively, and that is its lack of routing. You can find just about everything you need to plan an RV trip. However, you must use other map software like Google Maps to plan the route.

The following video shows how we have used a combination of Allstays and Google Maps to plan and route an RV trip.


Campendium, like the other services mentioned in the article, will allow you to find RV parks, dump stations, etc. This is our go-to for boondocking, overnight parking spots, and dump station finds.

Cost: Free (ad-supported), or you can get extra perks and additional functionality by becoming a supporter for $20 a year.

What It’s Good At

  • Boondocking

As stated above, if you are looking for boondocking locations, overnight parking spots, and dump stations, Campendium is where to go.

Campendium is our favorite app for finding boondocking spots and overnight parking.

What It’s Not Good At

It doesn’t do routing, list gas stations, or Walmarts.

How We Use All Three

Putting these three services together, we can plan our route any way we like. We do routing and RV park searching in RV Trip Wizard. If we plan a gas stop at a travel center or are interested in more info about a rest area or Walmart, we head over to Allstays to find the info we need. Finally, if we are looking for a boondocking or free spot, we search the area on Campendium. RV Trip Wizard allows you to enter a stop via GPS location which both Allstays and Campendium give for their locations.

When it comes time to hit the road, RV Trip Wizard allows us to open our RV Life app on our phone, pull up the preplanned trip, and tap navigate. The app gives turn by turn RV safe directions and even shows little icons indicating stores and gas stations along the route.

About The Author: Levi Henley

Levi Henley and his wife, Natalie, have been full-time RVers for over 5 years. They have also been Coach-Net customers for the same amount of time.  They travel and workcamp around the U.S. in their 26-foot Itasca Sunstar motorhome with their two cats.  They write for multiple RV-related publications and recently co-wrote “Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It.” You can follow their adventures on the road at henleyshappytrails.com 

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