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Tailgate parties and RVs are a perfect match. Whether you’re planning a tailgating party at a local campground, a stadium close to home, or even one out of town, having the convenience of a home on wheels adds to the enjoyment and the ease of party preparation. To help prepare for your tailgating adventure, check out these tips to ensure you have a fun-filled time:


  • An awning or umbrella to protect you from the sun on a nice day, or the rain on a cloudy one.
  • Portable outdoor fan or heater.
  • Folding lawn chairs.
  • Sunglasses, bug repellent, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for the temperature outside
  • A game or two like horseshoes or corn hole, or if there’s a designated play area at the park, campground, or stadium, bring a football or play badminton.
  • Plenty of water and non-sugary beverages on hand to stay hydrated – un-sweetened iced tea and Gatorade are good choices.
  • Plenty of snacks and food! Both are requirements for a successful tailgating party.

Tailgating Food

More on that last point: everyone loves tailgating food and beverage. Keep it simple so there’s time to socialize and enjoy the activities.

  • Set up a table with snacks. Include different varieties of chips, pretzels, fresh veggies, and dips (including salsa and spreads). Keep anything that requires refrigeration on ice.
  • Light up the grill and make it a traditional cookout with hotdogs and burgers. If you have room, throw on a package of wings or a slab of ribs.
  • Purchase premade potato salad and coleslaw from a local deli or make ahead of time. Keep cool until food is ready to serve.
  • Prepare as much ahead of time as possible. Place sliced tomatoes, pickles, sliced onions, and lettuce in separate dishes so guests can dress up their burgers. Have an assortment of sliced cheese on hand to add to your burger.
  • For the dogs, have mustard, ketchup, relish, diced onions, and shredded cheese. Heat a can of hot dog chili and place a container aside.

Have more tips for the perfect tailgate? Let us know!

Wherever your tailgate party may be, Coach-Net will be there to ensure you get there and back safely. Enjoy!

Tailgating Meal