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Smart RVThese days we have smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and even smart homes. Why not a smart RV? Believe it or not, such a thing is looming very closely on the horizon!

There is a fresh start-up company located on the west coast of Canada looking to take the RV industry by storm by introducing the most advanced RV monitoring system available. The product is currently in the very early stages of development, so you’re reading about it here first.

I should back up a bit and explain what a smart RV is. Suppose you could monitor your coach or trailer systems from anywhere in the RV? Perhaps you wanted to check your battery voltage while sitting in bed reading a book or maybe monitor your propane level while outside cooking a steak; that’s smart! Imagine doing it away from your RV from anywhere in the world. That’s even smarter!

The product, from start-up company Interactio, will make it possible to use your smartphone, tablet, or any other web device to access your RV systems from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you’re sitting in the rig, or thousands of miles away. You may ask why you would want to communicate with your RV remotely. Many RV and boat owners store their units away from their homes during the off-season. I have done this in the past and constantly worried about both security and the overall well-being of the RV. The remote system will allow you not only to monitor critical and non-critical systems, but also to control your RV functions, such as lights, locally or from afar.  I have already presented some examples of what was possible, but imagine being able to do everything from monitor and control your battery charging to controlling lights for security purposes. The system will even include a video surveillance camera. Imagine being able to check on the interior of your RV remotely using streaming video! Since the product is still in development, it remains unknown which specific functions will be available upon launch, but some possibilities include:

Will smart RVs be the next big thing?LP, battery, fresh, gray, and black water level monitoring, fridge temperature, interior and exterior lighting, internal climate monitoring and control, generator start/stop/status, hydraulic coach levelling, electric awning control, and even remote engine start.

Of course,  each RV will be different in terms of which features it can support. Additionally, this product will be geared towards the after-market, so any coach can be upfitted with the system. However, it is important to note that the complexity of the various sensors will vary greatly. This means that not all features will be available in all installs.

Although there are a few other products available that offer control and monitoring, this is the only one geared specifically towards RV’s and promises to provide a much greater level of control over more systems at a lower price.

In case you enjoy the boating lifestyle along with RVing, the Interactio system is also being developed for boats. Keep an eye open for the offering from this Canadian startup, and should the product launch be successful, be sure to get in line to purchase one of these systems. As a technophile, I am anxiously awaiting this product to hit the market; I am sure to be an early adopter.

About the Author:

Steve Froese, an avid RV owner, traveler, and  Coach-Net member since 2013, is the principal of “A Word to the Wise Technical Communications”, a published RV author, certified RV technician, and licensed Professional Engineer. He frequently collaborates with the “RV Doctor”, Gary Bunzer, and has worked with the RVIA/RVDA as a technical and training writer and consultant. Professionally, he works as a quality engineer and musician. Watch for more of Steve’s work in upcoming Coach-Net publications.

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