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Coach-Net BBQ Recipe Contest

There are those who walk among us with super-human capabilities. They are the magical masters of the grill. They have the ability to make people’s mouths water with the mere sight of their efforts. They can draw neighbors from great distances with just the smell of smoke. Somehow they have found the secret to the barbecue.

Perhaps it is genetic, handed down in some mysterious family BBQ DNA. There are those of us who hope it is a learned skill, and continue to try to achieve a semblance of barbecue success. Despite all of our efforts, the grill masters have reached a level of taste, texture, and flavor that exceed the rest.

If you have achieved a level where friends, relatives, and neighbors gather to taste your barbecue creations, we are looking for you! We are in search of the best barbecue recipes we can find and are willing to reward you for your efforts. We are encouraging those with this special talent to enter our first ever BBQ Recipe Contest. The grand prize? A $200 grilling package!

Yes, we know that those who imitate your recipe will not achieve your greatness. There is a talent that cannot be shared by the mere sharing of a recipe. It will however, serve to inspire those who are searching for greatness to continue trying.

So what do you say? Are you the owner of such a recipe? Do you know someone who is an exceptional master of the grill? You have until July 31st to enter your best barbecue recipe, or encourage someone you know to do so. Are you a specialist in pork, chicken, beef or something else? Choose your weapon and send your recipe to us. We love pictures but they are not a requirement. The rules are loose so if you can cook it on a grill and it is tasty, send that recipe to us. We look forward to sharing your culinary concoctions and awarding our grand prize!

To get you started thinking about recipes, here’s a quick and easy grilling marinade for virtually any meat using 3 simple ingredients:

Simply mix an 8-ounce bottle of red French dressing, a 10-ounce jar of apricot preserves and a single envelope of dry onion soup mix. Marinate your meat with the mixture in a large bowl for about an hour and get grilling!